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nale19 20 Oct 2012 22:38

Inspecting a bike (DL-650) for purchase - what should I look for?
Hi all,

After several straight days of researching the right bike for a 6-month 2-up adventure that won't break the bank, your suggestions and my research has lead me to the conclusion that a V-Strom 650 would be a great option.

I found one about an hour away from where I live 2005 Suzuki Vstrom dl650 and it looks to be in good condition, have some nice extras and is going for a reasonable price (at least to my untrained eye). The thing is, I am mechanically-challenged and don't know shit about how to buy a second-hand motorcycle, let alone a V-Strom.

I am welcoming any and all suggestions on what I should do during evaluation of bike (aside from riding it and kicking the tires) to make sure I'm not buying a lemon and that this particular bike is not weak in any of the areas that V-Strom's may be known for. When responding, please pretend like you are talking to an idiot (as far as the mechanics of the bike go - as that's not too far from the truth). I know how to ride pretty well but have not devoted time to learning the mechanics of my bikes. That is going to change with this bike, particularly because I plan on being able to perform maintenance and fix minor things during the 6-month ride.

Thanks for your advice and suggestions.

roger2002 20 Oct 2012 23:31

Mines been pretty bullet proof but I'd ask to see maintenance records. The valve adjustment process is a bit much if you're not mechanically able, some of them use oil but don't seem to smoke. Mine does that, or it did at least until I took the reed valves in the heads apart and cleaned them. They are part of the air injection system (PAIR System). The only other thing I found on mine was bent forks but that was because the last owner had crashed it. Look for damage to the oil cooler if you suspect that there's been a front end collision. Fork tube aren't cheap btw! Hopefully it's everything you're looking for. Mine is.

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