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Astrocytoma 2 Jan 2009 22:53

Id like one of each of...
I really like the tan gas model. I'd also like the EU model. Ill try the address and link . To bad uncle sam has got them tied up for themselfs.
HDT - Hayes Diversified Technologies, Diesel Motorcycle Manufacturer - Company Information
A xt 600 painted like so would look good !

Astrocytoma 2 Jan 2009 23:09

What do you think ? I get all bothered sitting and looking ,wanting. I don't care for the production model. But Id rather not join up and ride in the desert being shot at.

Max Dongo 3 Jan 2009 18:02

2 stroke
I've always thought that 2 stroke diesel technology would be the way to go in a motorcycle application. It just makes more sense.

Brian Williams 3 Jan 2009 18:59

Seems this diesel bike has been underdevelopment for ages (ten years !), how can it take so long to basically put a diesel top end onto a Kawasaki KLR650 crank-case and frame ? Larger battery (due to higher compresion engine) and what looks like a 25 litre + fuel tank is going to make it a pretty big and heavy bike.

mollydog 3 Jan 2009 19:03

I think you can buy them.

I'll bet mine rides a lot better too.

Brian Williams 3 Jan 2009 20:05

172kg is a big lump, Im sure the KLR650 never weighed that much and as for the tanks, thats the biggest 19 litre tank I've seen. I would love to know how much they do charge for what is basically a Jap trail bike with a paint job and 10 years of diesel 'research' .

Big Yellow Tractor 3 Jan 2009 20:22

They had one on display at Brands Hatch last year I think. It sounded like an old Benford dumper. I was expecting to see a cranking-handle sticking out the side

oldbmw 3 Jan 2009 21:25

These bikes will be available when windows 2029 is released bug free.

britch 3 Jan 2009 23:58

Here is a alternative and with two wheel drive option

mollydog 4 Jan 2009 03:44

Nice on maneuverers perhaps? On runs from HQ out to the canteen and back. :thumbdown:

Astrocytoma 11 Jan 2009 13:29

That's what Im talk'n about
Mollydog , your the man. Thats what I like and have been wanting to do. To blank with metalic red,blue,yellow orange, etc etc . You have got the look there. Now if they made the usa model (tan) with the diesel motor that would be what I'd like to try for a few years or until which ever of the two (biker or bike) gave it in. I really like your bike it and the gas model usa HDT HAVE THE LOOK that I have wanted. Yeah HDT hope they survive and continue thier developments and uncle sam won't be thier controlers and be the end of them . Once agin Thanks for the photo's NICE BIKE !

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