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witchetygrubb 1 Nov 2008 14:59

I want a new Tenere but...
...I have heard that its beter to wait for a year or so until they are availabl much cheaper second hand and fully modified with all the probs ironed out. Is that best, or should I just bite the bullet and get one now?

KTMmartin 2 Nov 2008 03:36

How long does the manuf. warranty last?

witchetygrubb 2 Nov 2008 10:27

Good point, I don't know. But if I got on that had been run in with all the add-on bits for a cheaper than new price it would be beter, no?

KTMmartin 2 Nov 2008 20:11

Depends if you think bits will still need replacing after the run-in period. My 640ADV has a two year warranty and needed lots in the first year, and I'm sure still will this coming year.

stuxtttr 2 Nov 2008 23:56

Bite the bullet get one now and run it in yourself, that way you know exactly how the bike has been treated. I saw a brand new one online I think it was from Brackley Yamaha. It was a new black 2008 bike with loads of extras worth probably another 1000 they wanted £5600 on the road.

I own one its a great bike and as yet no problems. The warranty is for 2 years. Check out xt660.com there is loads of info on there.

The bike is tall but you can lower it if needs be.

You should be able to strike a good deal on 2008 bikes as the new 2009 colours have just been released. only cosmetics changes for 2009.:scooter: Happy Trials

indu 3 Nov 2008 16:36

Do not hesitate. Get it asap. Engine is well proven. Chassis is basic. What can go wrong?? (Now how's that for famous last words...;-)

I have one. Not one single incident in my first 10 000 km's which I racked up in 2,5 months. Will take it anywhere.

josephau 8 Nov 2008 23:44


Originally Posted by witchetygrubb (Post 213425)
...I have heard that its beter to wait for a year or so until they are availabl much cheaper second hand and fully modified with all the probs ironed out. Is that best, or should I just bite the bullet and get one now?

Waiting for the next model after a brand new bike comes out is always sensible, in order to have all the problems ironed out. However, the engine on the new tenere has been around for a long time and it's bomb proof. In addition, whatever mechanical problems there may be have been recently ironed out with the XT660R and X which use the almost identical setup. The real difference is just cosmetic, tank size, and geometry of the bike, which unlikely have any issue. So you are looking at a bike that has been thoroughly proven.

With regards to cost, it depends on what you mean by "much cheaper". On one hand, you may expect people will be selling it because of the economy etc. On the other hand, I am not sure how much lower any owner would sacrifice. I am told that the price of a bike comes down significantly only after 3-5 years and/or tens of thousands of miles driven.

Then again, it's winter time, if you don't expect to ride in the season anyway, why not wait and see. Final words are I own one and I would not want to wait and I did not wait.

mollydog 9 Nov 2008 05:29

This is a hot bike in the UK

witchetygrubb 9 Nov 2008 10:11

Difference between Ten and R
Thats great thanks for all your advice.

I was checking out the Yam website today and I was comparing the Tenere and the new XT660R. The engines seem the same, with the same power, but the R has got more torque and more front suspension (although the Ten has more ground clearence), but the Ten has dual front discs and a bigger tank. The R is also shorter, slimmer and lower seat, its also 25kgs lighter.

Im very confused with the differences, I could get an R and put a bigger tank on it and they would be very similar. Which machine is best? Are they the same price?

Thanks peeps

mollydog 9 Nov 2008 16:05

I hear the XT/XT-R/Tenere' site is really good.

indu 9 Nov 2008 16:59

. : XT660.com The #1 xt660 resource : . | The #1 xt660X, xt660R and xt660Z Tenere resource

everiman 10 Nov 2008 23:01


Someone out there will have bought one, put few miles on it and need cash
in a hurry. Lots of common reasons for this .... lost job, divorce, accident. When that bike comes along, That is your man. But be ready to pounce with CASH. A good deal on the Tenere' will be snapped up quickly. Cash talks.

The above is good advice only if the price *significantly* below new. In my experience those who sell desirable nearly new used bikes are basically trying to get all their money back, and ask only a few hundred less than new. For a few hundred saved you risk unknown bodgery, abuse, skipped service (ask for records) and being the red headed orphan child at all the dealerships, including the one where it was originally bought....

stuxtttr 15 Nov 2008 19:25

You can convert the R into an Overland bike but all the extras push the price way over what you can buy a brand new Z for.:scooter:

witchetygrubb 17 Nov 2008 12:56

thanks for all opinions. I think Ill go with the R, I reckon with a bigger tank it'll be all I need.

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