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pauldelft 21 Feb 2008 13:41

honda cx500 amsterdam-cape town
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Here goes the idea:

a mate and I both own rough looking honda cx500's (his has 80000km on the clock, mine 90000km). we are both students and thus on a tight budget. we'll both graduate in about a years time and have the plan to drive down to south africa. A xt600 or a supere tenere seem the normal/wise choice... but those good old cx's have a weird attraction...
Say we do decide to take the cx500's, how stupid is that? Is it doable/ does it take away some of the fun of a live time trip?
If it is doable, what technical modifications do you guys recommend? We've both driven our bikes for about 10000km and they have been bullit proof, never letting us down yet. They're both parked outside in the great dutch weather taking a good beating from wind/rain/snow etc. How stupid is this plan?
cheers Paul

reminder of what a cx500 is:

Sime66 21 Feb 2008 14:36

I reckon (if you've got a credit card to cover a flight home if the bike dies completely) it's a great plan. I guess the main issues will be suspension (depending on your route) and carrying extra fuel. I had a 22 litre tank and only needed to carry extra (10l) through Mauritania. Those twin shocks look like they might be a wee bit spine-jarring through bad corrugations etc.
I think the most important thing is don't rush it. So if you need to have parts flown out you can sit around drinking beer while you wait.
If you expect the bikes to fall to pieces and you have the ability to get home if they do, what can possibly go wrong????

jkrijt 21 Feb 2008 14:39

Peter and kay Forwood traveled almost all countries of the world on a Harley Electra Glide. (http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/forwood/)
Sjaak Lucassen (also a Dutchman like you and me) travelled around the world on a Yamahe R1. (http://www.sjaaklucassen.nl/)
So why not on a CX500 ?

ozhanu 21 Feb 2008 15:09

if it has two wheels and a decent engine any bike can do any trip. mods: tyres, sprockets-chain, suspention, new oil/filters before departure, carb cleanin if needed, valve adjustment if needed.. i think thats it.. and of course money x 2 than calculated.

have fun.

Bill Ryder 21 Feb 2008 17:08

CX500 ride it anywhere
At the 2005 riders meeting in Colorado USA a student told his story and had photos as proof. He rode a ratty CX500 to the tip of south america with many adventures and repairs. He decided to give the bike away and fly home and back to school. The guy he gave the bike to needed a helmet so the CX500 owner told him he wanted the helmet back sometime. A year later in rides the guy with the helmet on the ratty old CX500 all the way back to colorado. Go have fun and if there are two of you it makes it easier to get to the next town after a breakdown. I would take a extra stator and check the drive splines on the rear wheel to rear end tho.

pauldelft 21 Feb 2008 21:51

Good story Bill! Want to get on the road tomorrow after that tale! We were thinking of driving it off cape good hope but suppose donating it to some kid is a better destination! Make sure to get rid of the number plates though! Cheers for the info!
Has anyone seen a modified cx500? Knobly tires, better suspension etc? Google pic's doesn't diliver much
take care

Walkabout 21 Feb 2008 22:30

Yep, just go and do it; as mentioned earlier you don't say how much time you can give to this venture, but if you can put up with potential delays, it will be cheaper to get modifications and, even, desirable preparations in Africa, on the road.

Your shaft drive will probably do better than the modern 1200GSs :rolleyes2:

jkrijt 22 Feb 2008 09:44


Originally Posted by pauldelft (Post 175997)
We were thinking of driving it off cape good hope

Please don't.
If more people would do stunts like that, there is a good chance they close the area for motorcycles.
Giving it away is a good solution but make sure you won't get in trouble because South Africa has some serious import laws.

Have a good trip.

trophymick 22 Feb 2008 10:08

You could have a look on here for some inspiration A Ride through Argentina South America - Feature Review - Motorcyclist Online

I remember reading about Keith Kimber and Tania Brown tears ago.


pauldelft 22 Feb 2008 10:32

don't worry Jan, that was a joke

Nigel Marx 22 Feb 2008 19:52

Good choice!
I have a friend who rode 40,000km around and across Australia on a CX500 Custom! They are the ones with the silly king and queen seat, high bars and little teardrop fuel tank. He put trials tyres on it and took it through the Gunbarrel and the Canning Stock Route. That's pretty much as hard core as most people would see in Africa. His luggage was a large plastic milk bottle crate on the back and a tank bag.

A new cam chain tensioner, and water-pump would be the main things I would do before going.

Kind regards

Nigel in NZ

Carl P 22 Feb 2008 20:56

Emilio Scotto rode a 1100 Goldwing all round Africa.

BCK_973 22 Feb 2008 23:44

Wich year built?
This was my first bike ever,learned how to drive and land!
I think they had two diferences on years.Mine had the fan on mechanical engine motion(not to good)and later ones electric driven with thermostat.Better.
Did my first trips here in argentina on the mid 80ยด.
Sturdy and strong bike!!!!
Go for it

Dodger 23 Feb 2008 00:08

I'm an old bike fan too and I say go for it .
But and it's a big but , you will have to prepare the bikes for the trip .
Wheel bearings , fork seals , stronger rear shocks etc ,
If they burn oil ,then get them checked out and rebored or maybe a valve job done before you go .
Give the bikes an overhaul and they should do well for you .

jkrijt 23 Feb 2008 13:04

water pump
One of my friends use to have a CX500C and a weak point was the waterpump.
I'm not sure about the details but I heard more people had a problem with it.
It won't harm to have a spare waterpump and gaskets etc. with you.

Some yeras ago I remember reading a story in the Dutch magazine Moto73 about a couple who travelled the world on a old rusty CX500. Maybe you can find that story somewhere or backorder these issues from the magazine.

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