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dabarley 24 Mar 2010 14:14

Honda Africa Twins: XRV650 or XRV750
I have the chance to buy a 1988 AT (XRV 650 03) or a 1990 XRV 750 (04). Both are similarly priced and in good nick. They are both in HRC colours. What are the relative merits of each and dare I say... which should I go for??



Koho 29 Mar 2010 23:36

try Honda Trail Bike Forums fro some detailed info

Tom-Traveller 29 Mar 2010 23:39

I rode a XRV 650 65000km in North- and Southamerica ... almost no issues. (bulb, clutch cable, chainset, 1 carb diaphram had a whole) thats it.
Lots of parts from XLV 600 Transalp can be used.

The AT has now 218000km and is still running. I think the 750 is also good, but it is heavier and more gas.

Power doesn`t matter ....

Good Luck, Thomas

the pheasant 1 Aug 2011 14:42

I had a 650 AT for a year and rode it to Italy and back to the UK with 1,000 mile return journey done in 16 hours. Sold it a few years back for £1200 and saw the same bike advertised on ebay for £1800 recently. The only failing I found was the weak single disc front brake. Otherwise a real pleasure to ride and, given that it is a fair bit lighter than the RD04, surely a better bet off road. And likely to appreciate in value faster than the 04 (although the 07 is doing the same). I have never read any report saying the 04 is not the least desirable of the three AT models

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