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dbg 7 Sep 2005 18:55

Has anyone gone two-up on a TT600?
Hello - my bloke and I are planning on a big trip (6 months or so) incl. off road fun, thing is, he has a Yamaha TT600 off-roader and I don't ride (as yet!) so, my question - has anyone ever done a long trip two-up on this bike? I think it'll be too small for all our gear (and me) for that length of time - any ideas? At the moment I'm thinking of taking a bike test and getting my own - and yes, I'm one of those types that has difficulties in finding an off road bike that's for girls under 5'3" ! All suggestions welcome...

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Matt Cartney 7 Sep 2005 22:13

I'd say definately do your test, at the very least your CBT. Then if you love it you can go the whole hog. If you are not so sure you can just go pillion. I must say if I was going on a six month trip I'd hate to get two weeks in riding pillion and go "I REALLY wish I was riding my own bike!" (Although I guess it could go the other way!)
Just my HO.

Frank Warner 8 Sep 2005 07:34

Yes - do get your licence. Even if you do go as pillion having the capablity can be a god send.

As for the sizing ... it is more a matter of comfort. Will you both be happy after so many days of travelling on that bike? I toured on a 175 and others have done longer on smaller bikes. All a matter of comfort, attitude and rest days. Think about how many days you ride before you will need a rest day or two. If your going somewhere interesting you will want to stop and explore by foot anyway so that breaks up the riding.

Good luck
Do get your licence. And may be a first aid course?

dbg 8 Sep 2005 15:58

Thanks for your input - yes, I'll def. be getting my licence (just in case!) and the first aid is already covered. More thought needed on bike(s) tho - as they say - prepare!

leigh 9 Sep 2005 04:53

I did 8,500 miles accross Canada- U.S.A. last year two up on a 2001 TT600R. My woman is approx 5'7" 60kg. We had tools,spares, camping and cooking gear, first aid stuff plus all the usual. Not the easiest trip but it can be done!

Nigel Marx 16 Sep 2005 08:05

Two years ago I had a german couple stay with me on their way around the world. They were two-up on a Honda XLV400 TransAlp and said it was fine. Not that long ago, a couple rode two-up UK to Aussie on a 1963 AJS 250 single. Two up on one bike is always going to be sometimes a compromise but not too much of a drama.


Nigel in NZ

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