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Samy 2 Nov 2012 20:35

Fuel Efficient Bike 200-400 CC !

Have a R80 Gs Basic and love it.
Second bike XT600E. Will sell it and buy a fuel efficient bike 200-400 cc.

Gas is the most expensive in the world in TR (same price like Norway).
Will keep my GS but will change the XT for another daily bike.
DRZ400 can be a good option but not sure about fuel efficiency and it is not cheap...

Walkabout 2 Nov 2012 20:58

It's very fuel efficient for a bike with a carburettor
Worth a look:


Fantastic Mister Fox 3 Nov 2012 03:00

The Serow gets a huge following and in this country (UK) it's pushed the price up to silly money almost £1500 for a 20 year old bike, and I've seen them sell for much more than that, we looked for one for Mrs Fox but were priced out of the market.

In the end we bought her a 10 year old DR200 Djebel for less than a 20 year old Serow would cost which seems fine and sips fuel and the seat height is about the same as the Serow.

normw 3 Nov 2012 08:49

Check out the thread titled "Kawasaki KLX250s As a D/S Tourer - My Report" further back in this forum. There's some interesting discussion of fuel efficiency for this 250cc model based on my experience during a trip of several thousand km.


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