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aldebaran 3 Sep 2005 18:59

Fuel economy - Single vs Twin
Me again. Was wondering what the difference in fuel economy between the F650 and Trans Alp 600 for instance would be? Would the twin be a lot thirstier?

jkrijt 3 Sep 2005 23:13

On tarmac, my F650GS will do more then 25 km on a liter with a peak of 29 km. Pretty good I think.

dam13n 4 Sep 2005 06:03

my 650 transalp does 190 miles on 19 litre tank, would probably do another 10/15 miles before stop, city/motorway

Margus 4 Sep 2005 17:24

Twin is not that much "thirsdier", just a bit, but also the power difference is big and less vibrations.

For R1150GS the BMW states:

constant 90kph = 4.6 litres per 100 kilometres
constant 120kph = 5.7 litres per 100 kms

richardb 4 Sep 2005 23:08

my f650 will do up to 200 miles steady riding on the motorway before the warning light comes on. That's 12 litres down and 5 in reserve. Most I've done on reserve is 40 miles before chickening out and filling up - even then I've never got more that 15 litres in - total tank is 17litres and a bit


aldebaran 5 Sep 2005 03:46

Thanks guys, you've been an incredible help. Keep up the travelling, we're hoping to do South Africa to France next year, I'll keep in touch.

bunnypunia 13 Sep 2005 03:55

i got a 32000km used HeroHonda Karizma (i am in India)
its a 223cc 17bhp single four stroke..
i have toured a lot on it (mostly in himalayas)

at a cruising speed of 85-90kph : 2.6 liters@100kms
at a cruising speed of 95-100kph : 2.9 liters@100kms

the max i have gone on has been a shade under 140kph (speedo)

i am very much in the initial stages of planning a big trip (inter-continent one).. the bike has a 15liters tank (takes in around 16.5liters)

so it should give me a min range of around 585kms/365miles!!

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