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Helena 18 Jul 2003 20:59

First time long term traveller
I'm planning my first long term trip for in one yeard time. As a lone female traveller I'm wondering whether to use a bike on my trip to save hitchhicking etc. Are then any female riders with experiance that could help me out with what sort of bike, licenses and if it is a good idea?!

t0by 21 Jul 2003 17:20

I am not female - but on behalf of my girlfriend - I can tell you that it is a *very good idea*.

I'd recommend a bike that you enjoy riding, something not too valuable, unreliable or difficult to repair.

Oh, and you need to get a motorbike license ;-)

Grant Johnson 22 Jul 2003 04:01

Check out the Travellers Stories - there are several female travellers, also check out the ezine - Doris Maron, Jo-Anne Smith and Lois Pryce come to mind, and there are lots of others.

You can contact all of them for their thoughts.

Go for it!

Grant Johnson

Seek, and ye shall find.


One world, Two wheels.

JohnZ 22 Jul 2003 21:20

Am sure there is a wealth of advice here on the site, so keep reading!

I'd just say as it is your first trip, it's no doubt imperative to you that the bike is reliable and easy to manage. If you are fairly tall, then the Transalp comes to mind.

If you aren't so tall, you can consider the Suzuki GS500. This is an air-cooled bike ( less to go wrong ) and has a very frugal, easy to work on engine.

They can be bought very cheaply. The Transalp is ridicously overpriced new, a better buy used.

Hope it works out.

Katharina 11 Aug 2003 10:41

I am femal and I travelling now since 15 months. I have a suzuki DR 350 SHC. SHC means I can pump it up or lower it down. If it is down I get both feet easily on the floor. Depends on the situation. It is not the most confortible or sexy bike, but it is light and easy to handle. I can pick it up with most luggage...for me this is importent for travelling alone. If you want to do some off road and go out of the beaten track (otherwise you can go backpacking) you must be able to handle it by yourself. Don't listen to people who tell you you must be mechanics before you leave. Learning by doing is the answer and you will find always someone who helps you at least at this pages! If you want a bigger bike, think about the DR 650, Iris and Trui have it, or the Kawasaki KLR or the Dominator. I wouldn't ride a Transalp or African Twin, too high, too heavy, too big, not easy to handle. I met one woman on a Transalp, she was a good biker and could handle it, but she was not happy with it!
Have a look on my website: www.katharina-unterwegs.de or ask me further questions!

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