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ctc 13 Oct 2003 15:23

Ex military Harley MT 350
Can anyone comment on how the above bike performs offroad? Am looking for a trail bike for scouting ahead of a larger party of vehicles in North Africa (sahara). I'm a relative newcomer to motorbikes, the power of a 350 cc sounds attractive but perhaps I would be better off with a 125 or 250cc Japanese bike? Need something that can perform in the sand, will be reasonabley comfortable to ride for long periods and which does not weigh too much (so I can stick it on a truck occasionally).

Steve Pickford 13 Oct 2003 16:23

Probably quite capable bikes but spares may be an issue. If the bike is just for scouting ahead etc and needs to be light, I'd go for a Suzuki DR250/350, Yamaha 225 Serow or similar or Honda XR250/400.. Plenty of aftermarket parts for DR350'S also. All are air cooled & easy to maintain.

If you're not that familair with bikes in general, buy a copy of TBM magazine. There are a few firms who advertise that have large stocks of the type of bike that you need & will be able to advise you.


ekaphoto 15 Oct 2003 06:21

Look at the Suzuki DRZ-400. It is water cooled, so slightly heaver, but not too much. Mine is very easy to ride, and the water cooling may be an asset in the Desert, esp since you have several trucks along carrying water if need be. Also the maint schedule calls for a check of the valves at 15,000 miles, so maintance is low. I don't know how wel it does in the sand, but it does well in the mountains.


ctc 22 Oct 2003 16:37

Appreciate the responses!

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