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*Touring Ted* 9 Nov 2012 12:57

DRZ400S Vs TTR600RE..
I'm really considering a Yamaha TTR600RE...

I've got my eyes on one of these for a UK-Magadam Trip. I'd like to cross Mongolia and do the road of bones.

I did a UK-Capetown on a DRZ400S. Although it was great off-road, it really struggled power wise, especially loaded up and made the road tarmac days REALLY long. It only makes 33bhp, lacks torque and struggled to push more than 60mph. I did a fair bit of 'uncorking' too.

The TTR600 seems equally capable off-road but makes an extra 10bhp, has more torque and a reliable XT600 Engine. It's steel framed, air cooled and has carbs too which I like.

I've had a few XT600's and although they're good 'do everything' travel bikes, I don't think I want to use one again.

I'd love to give a Suzuki DR650SE a go but they're just too rare and expensive in the UK.

I also like the idea of the new XT660Z but they're HEAVY.

Well, I'm very keen to hear experiences of those who have owned or ridden both bikes and know how they compare !!

Anyone done a long trip on a TTR600RE ?? How did it fare ?

Thanks, Ted :thumbup1:

Linzi 9 Nov 2012 13:05

Hi Ted, sorry I haven't yet done any long trips but two HUBBers about 7 years ago flew their TTR's to Vietnam and rode back seeking out the hardest route. It was written up in an MCN adv bike supplement and the bikes came out smelling like roses. The famous 5th gear failure occured and they fitted the spare gear they had carried in anticipation. Otherwise they were totally satisfied with the bikes. I'd recommend fitting a gel insert to the seat. Oh yes, also three Germans rode TTR's from Egypt to Dar El Salaam without any issues at all. I wouldn't hesitate. Lastly a HUBBer recently rode out to SE Asia, if he doesn't reply (I think he and the bike are now in S America) I'll search out his user name for you. Lindsay.

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