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theqball80 16 Jan 2011 00:21

I am planning a trip through South Asia.
I currently have a DRZ400SM with some mods. I had the S model wheels and tires but sold them when I got a dirt bike. A friend has them and I may be able to buy them back.
But any long distance / highway riding I've done is awful! No wind protection, uncomfortable seat, wobbles from the front fender, poor aerodynamics with the rad shrouds.
So for the people that have done a lot of riding on the DRZ, how have you dealt with these issues? Windscreen mods, seat mods? Or am I just whining?

deenewcastle 16 Jan 2011 09:26

Have you read this guys views?

The Bike – daveg travels

Seems to be holding up quite well

marcm 17 Jan 2011 19:10

just ride it.....i rode a drz from figueres in spain to french port of dieppe in a day about 750 miles mainly motorway,just bubble wrapped the seat with some parcel tape and it had a clarke 15 litre tank.quite an underated bike realy and its also not too much to get it out from somewhere you realy shouldnt of taken it down...

anaconda moto 17 Jan 2011 19:54

Have a look here: Touring Ted
he also drives a drz400.

markharf 17 Jan 2011 20:15

Thought I read a statement by Ted claiming he'd never choose a DRZ ever again, was coerced into it against his will by a clueless ex-partner, etc. etc. etc. Or am I thinking of someone else? Maybe he'll chime in here from, uh, Mozambique.


Steve Pickford 17 Jan 2011 21:41

DRZ400S worked well on this trip:



Originally Posted by markharf (Post 319984)
Thought I read a statement by Ted claiming he'd never choose a DRZ ever again, was coerced into it against his will by a clueless ex-partner, etc. etc. etc. Or am I thinking of someone else? Maybe he'll chime in here from, uh, Mozambique.


What problems is Ted having with the DRZ?

chris 17 Jan 2011 22:00

I used to own 2 DRZs. Currently still have one. It's a great piece of kit IMHO. Lots of pics of trips at Since 2002 TBSdotCom

Ref seat: 1. For road riding: Sweet Cheeks motorcycle seat suport
2. For offroad: Stand up

Ref wind protection: Slow down a bit

markharf 18 Jan 2011 01:04


Originally Posted by Steve Pickford (Post 320003)
What problems is Ted having with the DRZ?

Hell, I should stay out of this one. Maybe it was his choice of jacket that he complained about; maybe it was someone else I'm thinking of; maybe it all happened in a parallel universe with just tenuous connections to this one. What do I know?


marcm 19 Jan 2011 07:11

my fix for the seat was some bubble wrap and brown parcel tape,it cost absolutly nothing and could be removed quickly if riding proper off road and having to grip bike with legs whilst standing.
looks a bit strange but after 200 miles down a motorway who cares..

daveg 20 Jan 2011 10:35

I'm about 13,000km into my trip with the DRZ. After the mods it is more comfortable than my F650GS.

I bought a windshield from Ceebaily, but ended up not using it because I realized I don't need a shield after my first test trip (1000 miles).

If you really enjoy riding fast on the highway then DRZ isn't the right bike. I have it geared up for highway cruising (SM gearing on S wheels) and it cruises OK at 100km/h. As far as wind, I haven't had a problem. Seat was a HUGE deal and isn't possible without my aftermarket replacement.

Check out the last couple of my blog listed in my sig, especially the one with the crappy photo the water crossing that is waist deep. W/o either exceptional riding skills or a light bike like the DRZ, I would not be able to explore such remote parts of the world. The guy I was riding with has a KTM 950 SE, which will do highway well and dirt well if you're a badass rider. I just want a bike that I can get the help of 2 other guys to lift onto a truck or boat.
I just hope my subframe holds together.. so far no problems beerchug.gif

theqball80 20 Jan 2011 15:16

hmmm, interesting. I like my DRZ but mostly for fast rips around town and through the hills. I did 2 hours on a highway that people enjoy on sportbikes and was bored to tears. I've been to Thailand and it seems there's lots of highway riding, so I think I'm going to have to leave the DRZ at home.
It seems the KLR is the best option available in Canada. 23L tank is HUGE over the Clarke 15L for the DRZ (that I just sold last week anyway). KLR still has the wind catching front fender, but is overall more aerodynamic than the DRZ. Does anyone know the comfortable cruising speed of the KLR?

daveg 20 Jan 2011 17:13

I just spent my last 4 riding days nearly all offroad in Thailand

If you don't go DRZ, then go big bike where you can really open it up and stick to the pavement. A KLR isn't great onroad nor onroad, but can do either.

Have you thought about local D-trackers? They're a 250 SM Kawasaki bike sold here in Thailand. They're pretty small, but everyone who rides one seems to love them.

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