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b_idan 9 May 2008 12:33

Does BMW F650 fit's for Oz?
Hey guys,
Came to Oz from Isreal to make my dream..
planning to bye a bike.

What do you think about a 99year, 23000km BMW F650 used bike.

For going from Sydnye to Darwin via East coat, to Alice Springs and back to
Sydnye via East coast again.
By comparing riliability,spare part all over the Oz, ability to carry weight
and how easy you think is to sale one like this?

The bike is comming with paniers, do you think I should remove them for carying big bags?

Im 75kg, will ride Solo, 1 big bag like backpack, 1 small, tent and xtra gear..



Vaufi 9 May 2008 19:27

Shouldn't be a problem. You see F650s in OZ. A friend in Melbourne has the 650 Dakar and does hard riding on all roads, including pistes. With the original Beemer panniers.

Basides that, the Suzuki 650 DR is quite frequent there and not too expensive. But God, never ridden such an uncomfy bike before :eek3: Nonetheless, very reliable.

b_idan 11 May 2008 13:28

Finnaly bought an Honda Transalp600 88year,
For 3500D.

Any coments?..

Thanks Idan

Vaufi 11 May 2008 22:07


Originally Posted by b_idan (Post 188972)
Finnaly bought an Honda Transalp600 88year,
For 3500D.

Thanks Idan

Isn't exactly the latest model :wink2: but the TA is normally very reliable.

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