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PatOnTrip 31 May 2004 05:05

CB750 or xt225
Hi all,

I'm still asking myself which bike to take for my Central/South America tour next fall.
I would have like to take a 650 single but I'm too short. So buying one, lowering the suspension, adding the needed equipements to the bike begins to take some portion of my budget.

So now I'm wondering if I should buy a small, cheap and used xt225 or modify my CB750.

Here is why I would take my CB for the trip and what I would do to It :

- The bike is free I already have it. It's running fine but have some mileage: 70000km.
- I would have more money (no bike to buy) so I would be able to travel for a longer time.
- My CB is heavy (dry wheight 463lbs) but a BMW 1150 is more heavy than that. So I guest that if I bring not too much stuff and put dual-sport tyres I should be able to go where the big BMW go (gravel roads and tarmac).
- I would be less sorry if it gets stolen.

- Put a set of dual-sport tires. My rear wheel is 17inch. No problem there but my front wheel is 18inch. So I would put a rear 18" tire to the front.
- Add a set of hand guard to probably save my levers a few times
- build custom box for luggages
- Try to make some kind of a skid plate for the exauhst pipe
- Change wheel bearing, clutch,battery
- Replace all fluids of course
- Check fork spring and shock spring free play and change them is necessary.

Why a xt225?

- There is not many 250cc dual-sport bike for sale around here that are road legal straight from the factory
- cheap bike.
- xt225 are sold in many countries in SA. Easy to gets parts if needed.
- Good Fuel consumption.
- Very light, I have to possibility to go trails riding.
- Lois made it with this bike. Thanks!!!

Negative points:
- The cruising speed whitout stressing the engine is probably 70km/h.
- The engine life: How many miles before exploding?

Any other mods I should do to the street bikes?

Anybody have some idea to help me choose my bike?

Would also like to hear comments from people who went there with street bike? What they like or not about their street bike?



THUMPER 22 Jun 2004 03:17

LOIS MADE IT WITH THIS BIKE? WHO'S LOIS, was this a trip? or a report i like to read this story. got a link or web site.

John Ferris 22 Jun 2004 03:40

This is Lois

THUMPER 24 Jun 2004 23:57

thanks for the link i realy like that story. if it can handle that nothen i could ever do traveling arounf the states would be to much.



palace15 13 Dec 2006 16:37

Who's Lois?

Originally Posted by THUMPER
LOIS MADE IT WITH THIS BIKE? WHO'S LOIS, was this a trip? or a report i like to read this story. got a link or web site.

Check out www.loisontheloose.com After touring the Americas on a Serow you will see on her website that she is travelling down Africa on a TTR250

shandydrinker 13 Dec 2006 20:30

If you are happy with the CB and are comfortable on it take that!

You don't need a traily unless your'e going off road mud plugging etc.


Robbert 13 Dec 2006 22:02

Vote for the CB. Reliable and no frills. I used to drive one a few years ago and really liked it.

javkap 14 Dec 2006 01:43

Hey guys
This post from Pat it’s old (May 2004)
He finish his 2 years Americas Tour few moths a go in BA.
If you want to know which he choice between CB and Serow…..

…… a KLR 650…

He may says better than me if was the right choice.


PeteC 17 Dec 2006 01:31

Here is another Web Site of a great adventure ride involving an XT225, http://www.cooperfamilymotorbikeexpedition.co.nz/. It involves a New Zealand husband & wife & their two young children. He was on an XT600 & she on a XT250 (same bike as XT225). They covered S. America, north to south & both coasts, Central America, Western US, Alaska & then across BC & Northern US to New York City. I met them near Monument Valley in July on my way back from the Leadville, CO, HU Travelers Meeting. Really nice people. ---- PeteC

PatOnTrip 17 Dec 2006 07:55

Javier is right!
Javier is right, I took a KLR650!!!

It is fun for me to see this thread again. It made me think about the planning phase of my Central and South America trip (2.5 years ago).

At that time, I considered taking a CB750 because I was already owning one. I did not have to invest money on a bike. And with 76000km on the odo, it was not too bad to have it stolen.

But with what I know right now, it would have been a big mistake to take the CB750. It is way too heavy. The pipe under the engine would have been destroyed every week. It would have been a lot more trouble to ride up and down stairs (it happens all time).

For touring the Americas, unless your are a small person the XT225 is too small. Lois suggested me to take a bigger bike. You will also loose the joy of riding your bike at full throttle in the mountain to espace from the Cops in Guatemala because you were speeding. I had a bigger motorcycle than the police so why not try? Good old memories!!!

Also for me it is a really bad idea to choose a bike that will limit you to pavement. A big part of the adventure happen off-road. When you are at home planning your trip, how do you know that you will not want to take that dirt road that will bring you to most incredible scenery you have never seen!

As life is not perfect, I'm currently working again. I'm happy because everyday I'm coming back from work, I'm one day closer to my next trip!!!

Would I choose a KLR650 again? Yes to go back to South America. But for Africa a DRZ400 seems a very good choice. But I know the KLR soo much mechanically. I already have spare parts and my current KLR is all equipped. I just need to buy another cheap KLR and I'm ready to go back on the road.

See you all on the road later,

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