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alpiner84 20 Sep 2006 16:29

Buying a used bike
Hey everyone,

I've been doing the rounds in the classifieds and there are quite a few Yamaha bikes out there, including my top choice, the XT225. I have a few questions about buying a used bike, and about the bikes that are currently up for grabs:

1) How does the title-thing work? I've never transferred a title before--what does it entail? Is there anything I need to look out for with titles?

2) I'm thinking I should get the bike looked over by a professional before I buy one, since I wouldn't be able to spot things that need fixing. Should I bring it to a Yamaha dealer, or would a private shop be better? Anything mechanical that I should really look out for?

3) The bikes: There's an 1996 XT225 with 3600 pavement miles on it, stored inside and well-maintained, for sale for $1600!! Seems like a good deal to me...any thoughts? Also a

4)There are other Yamaha's that I don't know about for sale, such as a 1978 400cc dualsport for just $950, and 1984 XT250 (similar to a XT225, no?) with "only" 9000 miles one it for sale for $900. Are any of these deals that I should really be jumping on? What's a good milage/year to buy? Difference between a XT225 and XT250?

I am planning on taking the bike a long way, Colorado to Argentina and back, if that makes a difference. Sorry for all the detailed questions, and thanks for any help!


endurotour 21 Sep 2006 04:27

all good the above, ttr250 may be another option, alhtough i understand that there different around the world..
a question i would also look at is what you have to carry and how you want to carry it, some bikes are really well supported in off the shelf pannier racks etc, as well as having good rear sub-frames for mounting loads off stuff.
can you get and or need a larger tank etc...
have fun, cheers al

Mick O'Malley 21 Sep 2006 06:53

Hi Sarah

There's plenty of Serow information (and inspiration for your planned trip) here.

Regards, Mick

Bill Ryder 21 Sep 2006 15:18

Buy a bike
Buy a motorcycle! Simple advice but you have to buy and ride a bike before you will understand what you like and don't like. If you found a XT225 for cheap that starts readily and doesn't smoke or rattle, buy it and ride it. Go to a dealership and get them to start up a new 225 and listen to it so you have a baseline what that bike should sound like.At 5'4" tall and buying your first bike get one that is user friendly like the 225. As far as a 10 year old bike......the XT225 hasn't changed much in that time. If you want to get a bike checked out don't go to a dealership salesman or a service writer, talk to a mechanic. You might try hanging around the service entrance at about 10:00AM with coffee and dougnuts.

ct_miller13 3 Oct 2006 03:03

Some suggestions
When you first see the bike, feel near the engine to see if it's warm, if it is come back at another time to see how it starts when the engine's cool. Check near the fork seals for any leakage. Bounce the forks a few times to make sure no oil leaks. Look at the condition of the sprockets and chain. Check the VIN number and run it through the DMV just to make sure everything is on the up and up. If there are aftermarket parts on it, I always ask when they were put on and if they have the OEM parts. It's always good to have a friend that knows about bikes to have along with you when you look at it.

As for the title, both parties sign it on the appropriate lines have it notarized and all is good.

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