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aviad 28 Nov 2007 08:21

Buying a bike in Pokhara, Nepal
Hi All,

I'm now buying my first bike in Pokhara, and hope you can help me out with here deciding what to buy :)

My considerations:
- My trip plan: Nepal-India-China-Mongolia-*Stans-Turkey. I'd like my bike to have replacement parts available in this route.
- Budget: up to 3000$
- I'm a new rider so I'm looking for an easy-to-maintain bike.
- I have only a car driving license from my country (Israel) - hope that won't be a problem anywhere. I know how to ride a bike though..
- I heard it's easier to travel with an Nepali-registered bike than an Indian one - can anybody confirm/deny?
- I'd like the bike to carry 2 persons and 2 backpacks without fainting.

My options for bike now:
1. A custom-made with Yamaha 125cc engine, made by a British guy who lives here in Pokhara - about 2000$. Very light - about 90kg.
2. Royal Enfield - there are some models here for sale. The most attractive one is a 700$ Electra Enfield, but there are cheaper ones at about 500$.
3. 125-135cc Indian Yamaha - there are many such bikes for sale here. A local mechanic recommended to buy an RX-135cc .
4. Abandon and go to India to buy my bike - least preferred..


Kathmandu 15 Feb 2008 04:29

want the same
Shalom Aviad,

I was just wondering if you managed to get a good bike in Pokhara for your trip? As I'm planing to do the same: buying a bike in Nepal and riding in to Germany. Please let me know if you succeeded.

Thanks. Phil
Phil Dera Photography

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