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txsurfer 17 Aug 2006 23:46

Brand new/questions
I have read through a few things on the forums here and I have a few questions. First of let me say that, even though that cannot be too related, i rode BMX for close to 6 years, so im very comfortable on 2 wheeled machines hahaa. I have never really ridden a dirtbike/motorcycle for any great amount of time. Now moving on the meat of the questions here. I am totally obsessed with surf, and being from Texas, we dont get it good often. I just recently returned from a 33 day mexico camping/surfing trip in which i took buses everywhere and it was cheap and great. The problem is, with surfing to avoid crowds at popular, easy to access spots, you need a vehicle and a rental is just out of the question for such a long term trip. I was debating on taking my car and I still am, but now I am exploring the option of a motorcycle. This option is also being explored for much planned future travels of longer duration. What im going to ask is what is a decent, cheap, easy to work on or find parts for beginner bike? I know this is a hard question, but ill take any answer! Offroad will be a good deal of travel, nothing super hardcore, but it could get a little hairy in places. My second question is regarding paniers and trailers. As you can see, my obsession requires that i carry surfboards with me. Luckily, I ride short boards, so my Bag will be no longer than 7ft, around 2.5ft in width, and around 7 inches in thickness. Is it possible to build a racking system on the side of the bike and how stable would this be? Im thinking a maximum of 20lbs hanging off the side. I have seen racking systems for mopeds and mountain bikes, so i figured why not. How difficult would riding be like this? Would wind be a problem at times? With trailers, how limited are these things? Smooth paved roads only? Sorry if these are amature questions, im just very very new to this, and im looking for an easier on the pocket book and possibly more exciting way to travel hardcore. Thanks in advance guys!!!!!

Matt Cartney 18 Aug 2006 10:01

Hi mate,
having nearly been blown on my arse several times with no more than me and my panniers on the bike the idea of having even a short board on a rack frightens the hell out of me! As I see it your two options are a trailer or perhaps a sdecar. I think if it was me I'd go with the sidecar. I've no idea how easy it is to get a sidecar to fit a dirt bike though!
Sounds to me like a Japanese big single traillie is your answer for the bike.

Chris of Motocross Africa 18 Aug 2006 13:22

I'd suggest taking a bike for a board was a bad idea, problems with carrying it as you said, and likely to be damaged on falls. We thought about taking a van with us around africa so we could surf the coast on the way around, but decided in the end to focus on the biking. I don't think a bike and board would work, but perhaps the sidecar is an idea as suggested

Grant Johnson 18 Aug 2006 13:58

Surfboards HAVE been carried on bikes, one guy made and was selling one a few years ago, don't know if it's still available or not. If it's windy, park, don't ride!

Up to you - can be done, but there are negatives, as noted above.

FORGET trailers off-road - when it flips it will crash you too!

Sidecar is not a bad idea at all.

Sophie-Bart 18 Aug 2006 15:51

No no, it's not me just a google image search to start your imagination

http://waveride.net/gallery/bali2004/1096224794.jpg http://www.battlescooter.com/mediac/...SurfRuckus.jpg

or this site: http://www.greenspeed.us/electric_bike_surf_rack.htm

oldbmw 18 Aug 2006 22:11

one of the russian bikes dpner or maybe ural is basically a copy of a war time BMW with drive to sidecar wheel. these are great ( probably the best) offroad sidecar option.
the advantage with side car is your carrying capacity plus it can function as a camper van too :)

txsurfer 18 Aug 2006 23:38

yea maybe i should give up on the idea. i do like the sidecar option though, thats definently something i forgot about. yes the boards will be damaged very bad if i were to fall, and im pretty sure, i will fall hahaha. well , i have several years to think about this one, but i might just buy a small truck and drive all of mexico/central america. but a moto would be so much fun!!!!
thanks for all the replies, and those bicycle racking systems are the ones i have seen before.

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