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Kennedy Simon 9 Dec 2010 23:07

BMW F650GS or Yamaha XTX660
Hi All
I am planning to travel south America for 1 month next October, finishing in Texas, my budget at the moment will buy me a 2001 BMW F650GS with 20,000 miles or 2005 Yamaha XTX660 with 2,000 miles which is more suitable for the journey, my final destination is Hong Kong as much over land as possible.

PaulD 10 Dec 2010 06:54

Which Bike
I own a F650gs (2005) and also a F650gs twin (2009) the later I am riding thru Africa. So this leads me to your ? It's a no brainer ride the XT660, I am not anti BMW as I said I own 2. The clearance and the weight would be the deciding factor for me. The XT660 wins both hands down.

T.REX63 10 Dec 2010 07:20


Originally Posted by Kennedy Simon (Post 315412)
Hi All
...my budget at the moment will buy me a 2001 BMW F650GS with 20,000 miles or 2005 Yamaha XTX660 with 2,000 miles ...

I used to own a '06 Dakar. The bike was nothing but great. However, as previous poster, just based on the mileage alone, I'd go with the Yamaha as well for that kind of trip.

TurboCharger 10 Dec 2010 14:10

I suspect that spare parts for the XT would be much cheaper as well.

MikeS 10 Dec 2010 14:20

Hang on, are you planning to go from S America to Texas in 1 month?? You must have meant 10. Took me a month to cross Mexico alone.


Originally Posted by Kennedy Simon (Post 315412)
Hi All
I am planning to travel south America for 1 month next October, finishing in Texas

Nigel Marx 10 Dec 2010 23:34

We have had 100+ travelers pass thru our place in the last 10 years. A lot had F650s of various types, and a lot have had XT600/XT660s. The XTs had a lot less problems (a lot!). I'd go with the Yamaha.

And I own and ride an F650GS.....

Cheers bloke

Nigel in NZ

tmotten 10 Dec 2010 23:40

I reckon mileage doesn't really come into it. The F is more comfortable out the box but you need to know it or things will creep up to you which is where most of the complaints come from. The XT is very popular with the local SA market, so I'd go with that basis to the XT.

I'd get a large tank, screen and airhawk seat. Or get it reshaped. Very easy to do. Glue some foam and grind of the bits with a sanding disk that you don't want shaping it to suit you comfort.

I own and love my F Dakar BTW.

Samy 11 Dec 2010 12:55

Was in Brazil few weeks ago.

I have had F650 and now have XT600 E and looked around carefully which brands are around.

Very few F650s and many many XTs.
So parts and technical assistance can be cheaper and widely found.

I would go with XT...

Bobduro 11 Dec 2010 14:46

Xt all the way!
+1 for the XT.

We're currently half way through our RTW on a couple of 07 XT660R's and can't fault them. THey haven't missed a beat in 25,000 tough kms despite numerous drops, high altitude, heat, cold, water and being hit by a cab. WE got them used with just 5k miles on the clock for £2500 each.

We've ridden with a few people along the way who were riding Bm 650's and all have had problems of various sorts.

It's an absolute no brainer for me.

Kennedy Simon 15 Dec 2010 17:47

Thanks All for your Help, after your advice i went with the Yamaha €2,900 with modified Exhaust pipes, Off in 10 months Time:scooter:, now i just need a plan:eek3:.
Thanks again

GasUp 15 Dec 2010 18:21

XT660X ??? Are you sure ? You are aware that this is a SuperMoto with 17inch wheels ?

Tell me you just got a little confused and it's a R..... or a Z...

Kennedy Simon 3 Jan 2011 18:37

A F@&k
Hi Yes you are correct, you are the first person to notice, I am learning fast,
the bike is great but this 17" is a bit of a problem, I have posted some questions on the net re road conditions in Argentina but as far as i can see most people are running a 21" front not sure about back, I race a supermoto and find it more stable in the forest than xtx on the road, the front fork looks like it will take a 21 no problem but back forks dont look like they will allow bigger than 17" I'm not sure what to do, do you have any suggestions,

tmotten 3 Jan 2011 21:39

No real need for 21" in South America on the usual routes. Most off road is gravel road. Sandy bits on the Altiplano.

GasUp 4 Jan 2011 07:58


Originally Posted by Kennedy Simon (Post 317879)
do you have any suggestions,

I know someone has converted the front end on a R to take the 17" wheels, but not sure about the other way (X to an R). I'm not that familiar with the X & R models (I have the Z), but the best place to find out what you need to do is to pop over to XT660.com and have a look around, or ask the guys over there - you will get a definative answer.

Then again, I've seen the X take on forest tracks and rocky lanes here in the Lakes without any problems at all that some good riding can't cope with.

grazza 10 Jan 2011 07:05

We have just completed a ride from Cairo to Nairobi, and did it on 2010 f650 gs BMW'S and had no problem. We went up to the highest point in ethiopa, through the shocking stretch from Moyale to Marsibit ,and the bikes performed fantastically. we had no probs with fuel anywhere in Egypt, Sudan,Eithiopa,Kenya. when Chris at JungleJjunction in Niarobi serviced them he was very impressed, even though he said that they would not have been the bike of his choice.

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