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Tommo 3 Dec 2007 15:05

Beer Talk: The perfect RTW Bike
During the Consumption of several cases of finest cruzcampo I got talking to a couple of bike mechanics who like to build bikes from whatever they have laying around, and the talk turned to "If you had to build a bike from scratch to ride RTW what bikes components would you use".

After an hour of arguing we settled on an SuperTenere engine. Other engines considered were TDM 850- too liable to oil starvation
Africa twin.. Parallel twins were thought to be easier to work on and slightly less to go wrong.

Frame wise we got bogged down a bit and couldn't decide between a modified KTM 640 adventure frame or for some reason I forget an XR650 frame.

At this point we were asked to leave the bar as the owner wanted to get to bed...(wimp!)

An interesting way to spend an evening so i thought I'd extend the opportunity to everyone here to contribute.

You never know it might get built...

Mr. Ron 3 Dec 2007 15:52

Sounds pretty good, although i don't know too much about the engine. Personally, i would go with an old R100 airhead engine, but you would need to give me some time to adress the transmition problems to make it more reliable. How about suspension? I like the idea of using WP4860 forks due to their availability on all KTM's, and the awesome bolt-on brake options you have. Ohlins, WP or Wilburs on the back, not sure which one would provide the most convenient serviceability for around the world. Wheels...Beahr cross-spoke for convenient tubeless operation. They can also take a severe beating. Both Acerbis and Pro-Taper make bullet-proof handelbars, and Japanese switchgear.

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