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Crusty 15 Mar 2012 22:40

Bajaj Pulsar
Quick question folks:

Bajaj Pulsar 220. Cheap, fuel efficient, reliable way for two people to travel South America or idiotic, uncomfortable non-starter.

I hope for the former but expect the latter..!


brclarke 16 Mar 2012 05:24

My understanding is that Bajaj are decent, Kawasaki-influenced bikes, but dealer support in many areas outside of India is almost non-existent. What will you do for spare parts?

pecha72 16 Mar 2012 07:48

Maybe they do nowadays sell them in some South American countries too? Just read somewhere an article about Bajaj, where this was claimed. Don´t know, if it´s actually true or not.

I believe the bike would tick all other boxes for the OP, but for going 2-up there are probably better options available. A little more room, weight-carrying ability, and engine grunt certainly would not hurt there. (Not saying it could not do it, though...)

brclarke 16 Mar 2012 15:47

If you look over on ADVrider, there's a lengthy report posted from a couple who rode 2-up from the USA to Chile on a older Ninja 250: the little Ninja did just fine, and at the end of the trip they sold it to a Chilean who is still riding it around. I'm sure you can do it on a Bajaj 220, but I do wonder about parts and dealer support.

anaconda moto 16 Mar 2012 18:55

Bajaj is popular here in South America.
Parts everywhere,Cheap and reliable.
Suspension a bit hard.
Good size of motorbike for 2up.(for a small cc bike)
Top speed 135 kmph, . Cruizing at 90 kmph.

Good luck!

travelNteach 16 Mar 2012 22:25

i have had a bajaj pulsar 180i sport version for the last 5 years in indonesia. good for getting around town and cruising up and down the street with friends for a few hours, but i dont think that i would want to do serious miles on one. I have clocked 23,000km and the only time the bike left me stranded was when the original tubeless tires popped. other than that,it has always started and run fine. changed battery once and never an oil leak. easy to work on and cheap to get it serviced. i ride my bike like i stole it and it works well, at least for local driving. hope u have a nice trip

travelNteach 16 Mar 2012 22:34

forgot to add that with 2 people the rear shocks can get really spongy even if u put them at their highest setting. also the front shocks can go flat, but u just need to add a little hydrolic oil and it will firm them up.

Crusty 17 Mar 2012 08:50

Thanks guys, sounds possible then.

I didn't know they were available in South America until I saw one for sale on here. Got me thinking. I like the idea of a 'local' bike, much easier for parts etc and smaller bikes are so much cheaper for everything, means more time on the road..! That said, as there's two of us, I want to be sure it's physically big enough with enough puff to get us through the Andes. We're not in any hurry, got a year or so, but don't want to be dangerously underpowered or ridiculously cramped. Pecha, I hear what you're saying and if I decide against this, the other option would be a 650 v-strom, love your blog btw, so I might be back for some tips on that..!

I think the Pulsar has FI so it should be better at altitude and despite the 'sports' styling the riding position looks quite upright. They're not available here in the UK so I can't go look at one. Is there a comparable jap bike..?

anaconda moto 17 Mar 2012 20:44

here in south America the Bajaj does not come with FI.
You have a fuel range of 500/550km on 1 tank.
Just make a strong rack for luggage.
The motor is good and has 22hp.Japanese bikes have better suspension,
but they always cost a lot more.

A second hand Honda Tornado cost about 2800dollar or more (in Ecuador)
(new 6400dollar)
A new xr125l about 3200dollar,but has a lot less power.
But i have seen people (not to big) 2up traveling on them,slow, but good suspension.

So if you are on a budget the Bajaj is really not a bad choice.
Always if you want better, just pay more $$$.
When you are traveling to South America ,just go to a shop
and see how you 2 are fitting on different bikes before making your choice.

Good luck!!:funmeteryes:

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