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lepium 26 Jul 2005 00:26

Aprilia Tuareg 600 vs Honda Transalp 600
Hello all,

I am currently living and working in Nigeria and have recently decided to get an adventure bike which I hope to use for some short length travels (1000km max) while still here and eventually take home (Argentina) for further adventures (and commuting) when I finish my contract in December.

Screening the market for used imports, the options have narrowed down to the bikes mentioned on the title (the Nigerian market is surprisingly sports and customs oriented despite roads conditions).

The details I have gathered so far are:

1st Bike) Aprilia Tuareg 600 - 1991
Miles on the clock: 8,000
"Guesstimate" mileage: 20,000 - 30,000 (mainly because of the age)
Condition: very good condition for a bike this age, a tank dent, no mods.
Some background info: Apparently a Rotax engined more rally oriented relative of the Pegaso from late 80s, early 90s
Origin: Continental Europe, probably Germany

2nd Bike) Honda Transalp 600 - 1990
Miles on the clock: 33,125
"Guesstimate mileage": as above
Condition: Good condition, aftermarket end can, no plastic damage.
Origin: Western Europe, probably Germany or Belgium as well.

Both bikes are available to me at roughly the same price, which I would be willing to pay on either case.

As additional information, my local advisor/test driver mentions that the Aprilia has more grunt, and as an example he mentions that the Aprilia can pull wheelies easily whereas with the Honda is almost impossible.

To conclude, I would appreciate any advice on both bikes and the decision in itself.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Wannabe Adventurer

Simon Kennedy 26 Jul 2005 01:01

Honda Transalp. Legendary reliability, go forever, strong and comfey. Did I mention reliable? They are. Very.

Many have had happy experiences with TA. I am one.

I don't know much about the other bike.

Germans seem to look after their bikes too.


Simon Kennedy 26 Jul 2005 01:02

Oh, the transalp is sold back in Argentina so you may be able to register it. Maybe.


lepium 1 Aug 2005 23:26

Thanks a lot for the advice. It will help me with my decision.


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