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bama3 29 Mar 2011 01:33

Aprilia 650 IE 06
Hi Guys, has anyone had any dealing with prili 650 Trail, as ave just bought one, an wanting tae know what people think, so far its a wee touch on the low side,,its not as tall as some trailie`s but not too low..

I havent yet been out on it other than a mile test run.... any feed back is appreciated. thanks. john

notagain 31 Mar 2011 23:43

Which one do you have, John?

bama3 1 Apr 2011 03:21

Hi, I have the 660 trail version,, i think its jist called teh 650 trail...NOT the strada...the Trail wi the 45mm forks an 19inch front wheel... 06 model,, ive now had a few miles on it about 4 an it goes really well. cheers. John

notagain 1 Apr 2011 05:54

Same as mine then!

I recommend doing the following:
* Seal the instrument cluster. Steam off the exhaust goes straight in when you hose it hot or cross water.
* Locktite and tighten the main rear frame bolts under the seat.
* Change the fuel pump before 30,000kms or a big trip.
* Consider changing out the rear shock for a better unit before a big trip.
* Make sure the oil return line (under the engine and the lowest parts on the bike) is protected from rocks. I dented mine before I fabbed up a bashplate.
* Engine crash bars aren't a bad idea as the water pump outlet hose is a bit exposed. Put a proper hose clamp on it before you venture out too far.
* Get rid of the low front guard if you're going anywhere near mud.

And then normal maintenance applies to everything else.
Rear shock is a bit of pain, as no-one makes one. But your local Wilbers or Hyperpro guy should be able to cobble something together.

Check out apriliaforum.com for other owners and modifications. There's write ups and detailed threads on all of the above, except for the rear shock as I'm the only dummy doing it and fitting YZ front forks as well......:wacko:

And you're posting in the wrong forum, look into 'Which bike'. Mods, could you shift this rather than delete?

*Touring Ted* 1 Apr 2011 08:53

I almost bought one of these but I was talked out of it by their owners...

After more research I found out there was a few "issues"..

More info here...


bama3 1 Apr 2011 10:16

NOTAGAIN. show me a link to the proper forum... WHICH BIKE.. i cannot see it anywhere, thanks.... john

Jtw000 7 Apr 2011 23:57

The bike in the title the 650 ie, Cube, is pretty decent. It's a slightly thirsty engine and the bike is limited for offroad use but a good all rounder and extremely comfortable for a trip with a functional screen and a seat that won't kill you.

bama3 8 Apr 2011 03:13

Notagain......... whit kinda name is that....anyway...I done my first trip on ma Peg Trail today... 124 mile.. an YES the speedo dash all steamed up... How do I seal it...? does it have to come off?? can ye please help me. thanks NOTAGAIN....................John

notagain 8 Apr 2011 12:47

Buggered if I know, my mum used to say it to me constantly so I figured it was my name?

Johno, get your freckle over to that site I PM'd to you and search for 'seal dash'.

All will be revealed!

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