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od107 10 Aug 2010 00:02

1992 tenere 660
Hi guys,

Great to be a (finally) a participating part of this community.

I am preparing for my first big trip, which will lead me from Belgium to Indonesia. Quite an upgrade from the weeklong trips i've been used to so far, but the dream was long there and now finally there is also the opportunity. (read: no downpayment/spouse/children and shortly no job). Only one impediment: No money either, so it will have to be done on a shoestring budget.

I currently own a suzuki gsxf 750 but I was planning to switch to an allroad, not for one because of my obstinacy not willing to return the same way I came, although i know that i made a wrong turn, has led me several times deep in the woods, or on some godforsaken dirt road between the fields. But i like to call this destiny:cool4: Also, i can not imagine ever buying a bike with more power than that.

Anyway, i found a 1992 tenere 660 for 1500€ and i was wondering if this might be the right bike for me. It has less than 12000km but i find it hard to believe that this would be accurate. I have near to none off-road experience but am eager to get some. I'm 186cm (6"1). It seems that the earlier models of the tenere are somewhat more popular...

So i was wondering first of all whether this bike is good value for money. Also considering how easy it would be to find (cheap) spare-parts/add-ons, necessary tweaks. Second, if it would be a good bike for me. I'm going to test-ride it anyway, but i do not have much comparison with this type of bikes, so better to ask the experts ;-)

Thanks a lot,


MarkShelley 17 Aug 2010 16:57

I own a 1991 XTZ660 and love it to bits.
It is surprisingly comfortable for long distance. The furthest I have done in one ride is 410 miles up to Scotland with full panniers and top box and only stopped once for fuel. I usually get just over 200 miles before having to switch to reserve.
I have done some easy green lanes on it and it was fine, but I wouldn`t want to do any serious off roading as the suspension travel is not as good as the earlier models and it feels a bit top heavy in mud. It is quite a tall bike and if you are much less than 30" inside leg you may struggle.
It will sit happily at speeds up to 80mph on the motorways, but get much above that and it gets a bit strained. It is more fun taking the back roads anyway if you are not in a hurry!
The only breakdown I have had in about 10K miles is a rectifier. This is a common failure. I carry a spare taped top the underside of ny rack now, just in case.
I reckon they would make a great RTW bike.
In the UK good ones go for up to £1500, but decent ones can be had for £1000. I paid £1000 for mine with 22k miles on it.

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