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Chinggis 8 Oct 2011 02:09

So THIS is the intro forum!
I originally posted this in the bar not realising that there was an intro forum.... not off to a good start :confused1:

Just sayin' hi, is all

I'm a long time road rider, based in Australia... not having done a lot of distance work except for one trip of about 2500km in five days and another of about 1200km in 2 days (in 40 degree C heat mind you and both trips were on low 'bar sportbikes). recently bought a 250 dirtbike to get the hang of this loose and bumpy road business.. planning a few weeks in Mongolia in the next couple of years hopefully all or part of which will be done on two wheels.. I'm still in the very early stages yet so not really looking for any specific advice right now.. browsing the forums, and this seems like a good place to hang out and bookmark! So see yaz round!


trackdayrider 8 Oct 2011 03:20

Welcome - Took me a while to fiond this section as well..(perhaps it should be at the top of the forum list - admin?)
All good to plan and dream and have an idea ...
To Accomplish Great things we must not only act, but also Dream! Not only Plan but also believe!

Enjoy the journey! :)

zandesiro 20 Oct 2011 07:57

:welcome:Welcome to the HUBB.....bier

Grant Johnson 31 Oct 2011 21:01

Welcome to HU!

Where to put the forums is a constant question - there's an argument for just about any forum to be at the top! It all depends on whether you're new, been around a long time, on a trip or at home looking for a little entertainment, or at home and planning a trip, or or or....

We're also in the process of redesigning the whole site, and are looking for volunteers to help out and give us some input.

For more and to volunteer, see:

Horizons Unlimited Website Design and Test Team | Horizons Unlimited

Enjoy HU, I look forward to hearing about YOUR travels one day!


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