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Pledians 31 Dec 2012 12:40

Once a biker, always a biker!!
Ever since i was a teenager i have been curious about motorbikes. To be able to drive one has however been a distant dream. I remember being on a bike exhibition, sitting on the bikes for quite some time, imagining the freedom of driving on an open road, enjoying the breeze from the wind and hearing the engine hitting the revs.

Five years later my fantasy became reality under the most unlikely circumstances. I sat on a bus in India, sweating and looking jealously through the windows at all the people who had a two wheeler. It looked so nice and enjoyable! In that moment i realized that this is my chance to finally learn to drive a motorbike, all i had to do was finding a bike rental. The only problem was that i had no idea which handle is for clutch resp brake, and the gear lever was an even bigger mystery. Therefore, i had to first find someone who knows how to drive, convincing him to come along with me to the rental shop, drive to an empty road with me on the pillion and teach me how to drive.

Said and done. I will never forget the first time i rolled off by my self. As soon as i had both my feet on the pegs i felt completely ecstatic, but also a bit scared - a speed of 40km/h felt supersonic! After an hour of practicing i was hooked. The next day i went to the bike rental alone, rented the bike for a month, fastened my backpack to the luggage carrier, put my toothbrush inside the handlebar and started my maiden voyage!

That was in 2009. I have done a few more trips since, but my biggest ones are still ahead. I am hoping to find people with similar interests along the way! :)


zandesiro 3 Jan 2013 08:20

Welcome to the HUBB!!

Drwnite 3 Jan 2013 11:31

Once a biker ?
I went to the dirve in theater as a kid and saw a movie called ON ANY SUNDAY, and I saw the light, I have never been without a bike for the last 38 years !

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