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tux 8 Jan 2013 12:22

Oh dear..now I've gone and done it!
Hi All

Being new to HU thought I would give a quick intro on me and why I am here.

I have been riding around NZ and Australia for a few years now going places and doing things on motorcycles that makes my family question my sanity. 42 year old overweight city bound married professional family men have no business tooling about the outback on motorcycles....or so I have heard somewhere...perhaps from my mother...I forget now.

Anyway, in a moment of boredom I started planning an overland trip from my home in Brisbane to Singapore as I will have to travel there a bit for work this year.

I mentioned this to my wife in that way that kind of implies I am not really that serious but then again I just might be.

Hoping she would at least start thinking about the idea so I could begin to chip away slowly with the goal of tacit permission (which is how I choose to interpret the eventual absence of comments regarding my lack of intelligence combined with questionable parentage..."you stupid bas...") she shocked the hell out of me by immediately jumping on the idea and told me to go for it and she would meet me there so we could spend some time together at the end of the ride.

Oh dear...so...now that I have committed to this somewhat half baked idea I have to get serious and plan a ride to Singapore this winter....bloody hell...where to start...

HU of course so here I am!

Very shortly then I will start asking a lot of really silly questions around overland travel in SE Asia.

Talk soon!


(Tux is the silly penguin emblem used for the Linux operation system in case you were wondering....my name is John, and I am a geek...)

ta-rider 8 Jan 2013 12:28

Hi John,

Haha wellcome to the HUBB great to have you here thats allready the first step to the biggest trip of your live :)

I like your way of writing and hope you will also write a blog or so once your on the road :D

cu, Tobi

rockwallaby 9 Jan 2013 11:16

Hi John,
Agree with Tobi, like your writing style and I'm sure it would make for an edge of the seat story to hear about of your impending, ooops I mean, intending journey.

I have found myself in what seems an overwhelming situation at times, knowing full well that the initial idea was what I was wanting to do.

Following through with my commitment to myself so far has put a pretty big grin on my face each time.

Start planning and go for it.

The Tux is good, everybody should become more aware of this cute little fellow.


tux 9 Jan 2013 12:04

Thanks Paul in Tasmania (I hope you are staying safe mate...bloody horrible the fires we are seeing from up here in the news...as I write this the air is tight with smoke from a fire 50+ km away on Bribie Island...I can only imagine how bad things are for you guys right now and wish you and yours a safe summer) and Tobi in Germany...thanks for the kind words about the stuff that falls out of my head.

The planning is well under way and I will certainly write up some sort of blog / ride report kind of thing when the time comes.

I had another unexpected "tick in the box" tonight when my current employer (I am a contract software architect on a long term 12+ month gig) basically gave me a leave of absence over a couple of beers for as long as I need to complete the trip.

Awesome...getting very very excited now.

Note sure what the rules are around cross posting on this site but this is the inspiration for my trip:

Cape York & into Asia via Timor-Leste, Indonesia, etc - ADVrider

If I have done the wrong thing here do let me know.


palace15 9 Jan 2013 12:25

:welcome: to the Hubb, look forward to reading about your trip.

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