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Aleksandra 10 Jul 2008 09:43

New Polish girl on the HUBB
Hi Everybody, I just want to give a warm welcome to all HUBB members. :welcome: Few words to introduce myself...I am a Polish girl, living in Warsaw. I ride Honda XRV Africa Twin. I am currently planning our (i.e. me and my boyfriend) RTW trip, which we wish to start in July 2009 :scooter:. We will be riding two Hondas Africa Twin - both of us want to stay with own bike on the way. Our plan is to cross Wester Europe, fly to USA, then go down to Mexico, through Central America, Colombia, west coast of South Amercia, fly to New Zelan, then Australia, SE Asia, if not possible to cross Birma - fly to Khtamandu, then go through India, to Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and back to Poland through Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia. We want to sepnt approximately 2 years on the way. I hope to meet some of you during this time. :innocent:


TravellingStrom 10 Jul 2008 09:47

G'day from downunder. I am starting my RTW at the end of the month, a lap of Australia, then the Americas. I guess I may see you somewhere on the road, sometime next year very late as I wil be heading towards you.

Rubber side down

Aleksandra 10 Jul 2008 10:03

Hello, if you want, we can stay in touch, informing each other on our good :thumbup1: / bad :( experience... (my e-mail is: trzasku@wp.pl). Such up-dated tips always worth a fortune. I hope we will meet somewhere anyway. Good luck with your trip and enjoy it "a tope".

By the way, what kind of shipment from Australia to South America you have arranged? I am currently working on shipment staff...


TravellingStrom 10 Jul 2008 12:32


I have set up a blog and my email on the road is rswinter@travellingstrom.com It would be good to keep in contact, do you have a website setup at all? Mine was free at wordpress, but I just bought my own domain.

Apparently, the Aussie airline Qantas is flying freight direct from Sydney to BA at the end of this year. So, I am hoping to get my bike on one of those. There will be some delays with customs due to the Dakar Rally at the same time. I am in contact with some people now via email and maybe they can smooth the way :)

Safe and happy travels

TravellingStrom :Beach:

Aleksandra 10 Jul 2008 13:35

Hi again, thanks a lot for information. I have already gone through your blog - well done :clap:. In terms of my website, I am currently constructing it. As soon as it has been acomplished, I will let you know (via e-mail) . Save journey, with not to many paperwork...


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