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duive01 29 Mar 2012 14:16

New from Holland
Hello everybody,

I'm new here (well...I've done a few posts). I haven't done much traveling yet on two wheels but just starting. I'm from the north part of The Netherlands.

Last year I did a trip through 10 European countries and the Alps on a 1993 BMW F650. In 11 days I took only one day of rest and travelled 3900 km, almost all of it on small roads.

I wanted to do that for a long time but never had the courage. I am autistic which makes it a little bit harder to 'just' travel around I think. But I'm very glad I did it last year and I've learned a lot from that experience.

This year I want to go again (to the South of Spain, 7000km, about 20 days) but have made some big changes.
I wasn't very comfortable with the weight of the bike. Even though considered a lightweight by most I couldn't properly relax on it all the time. Maybe it also didn't help that I bought the bike three day before leave! Also I'm a big fan of scooters and have been riding them for the last 10+ years. So I combined the two and bought a 125cc motor scooter. Since I'm not ready (yet) for the real off road adventure or traveling through Africa I think it will do just fine for me. Ofcourse that places me in an outcast position since most of you drive big BMW's. I love to look at those though:thumbup1:
I don't like chains on a bike. As a 10+ years scooter enthusiast I never had to worry about chains so it didn't go that well now I was driving a chain bike. I had taken spray with me to spray everyday at the campsite. I bought a can that would last the complete trip. After day one the can was empty and I still hadn't the idea that it was well oiled. Later it started to make noises. In Italy a specialist looked at it and sprayed it for me. It stayed making noises. It was making me nervous. So, no chains for me anymore. Has mostly to do with me not being a mechanic at all, two left hands. With the scooter this problem is solved.
And this year I will be taking a jerrycan of fuel with me. The thought of being in the middle of nowhere (I don't now if that's really possible in Western Europe?) left me also nervous many times. So with the jerrycan as a backup that will go better too.

So, with my new relaxed 125 cc scooter, no chain to worry about and backup fuel I think it will be a nicer ride this year.

I'm not the globetrotter I would like to be and don't now if I'll ever be but traveling Europe or even your own country can be nice too. There are different kind of travelers and as long as you love what you're doing it's OK.

What I like about this site is to see the photos and read the stories of two wheeled travelers. And it is nice to exchange tips and information. I will order the DVD set someday (when I have the money), I think it will be very nice to watch.

jkrijt 29 Mar 2012 14:37

Hi Edwin,

Welcome at the HUBB.
Don't worry, there is nothing wrong with riding a scooter. As you will find out on this site, some people ride around the world on a scooter.

Enjoy your trips. I agree with you that there are a lot of beautiful views to see and nice roads to ride in the Netherlands and the countries around us.

palace15 29 Mar 2012 16:18

:welcome: Yes indeed you can travel on a small bike or scooter, for a trip to Spain and the rest of western Europe I would not bother with carrying a jerry can, if you are worried just fill you own tank as often as possible, also you do not have to go to Africa, Asia etc to be a traveller to have a good trip, these far of places to us(Europeans) are the local roads to the locals!
Ride and enjoy

jkrijt 30 Mar 2012 12:29


Originally Posted by palace15 (Post 373316)
for a trip to Spain and the rest of western Europe I would not bother with carrying a jerry can, if you are worried just fill you own tank as often as possible

That depends on how big your tank is and how far you can get on a full tank. It may be a problem if you travel in the evening or on a Sunday in some countries.

In my experience on trips in France and Belgium, it is hard to find an opened gasstation that accepts VISA or Mastercard on Sundays and in the evening. Most automatic systems there just accept local bankcards.

You can read about it on my website in one of my trip reports: http://jkrijt.home.xs4all.nl/trips/ard07/index.shtml .

duive01 30 Mar 2012 21:04

I know it's not really necessary to bring a jerrycan but it helps me to relax so, for that alone it's worth it.
And getting gas as often as possible, what does that really mean? Getting every 50km new fuel? 100km, 150km? Since I can only ride a 200+ on a fuel tank I need to get gas very often anyway. I think I will start looking for gas at 150km, I think I can do at least another 60km at that time.

And indeed it sometimes is hard to find a gas station where actual people are around who you can pay plain cash for your fuel. And if there's nobody will your card be accepted? Do you understand the French or Spanish texts on the screens? Last year I pushed 'A' thinking it was Accept but when I got no fuel I asked a nice French lady and she said it was Annulee with is Cancel.

Road Hog 31 Mar 2012 00:20

The most common "break down" on a motorcycle is running out of fuel. I am with you on taking a can with you. I had two five L cans through South America and kept one full even when I "knew" there was lots of fuel. Very glad I did when I got to the fuel station on the Baja only to find out it closed last year. There is just something about knowing you have some extra.

zandesiro 7 Apr 2012 21:29

Welcome to the HUBB.....!

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