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dash 19 Dec 2011 13:53

Hi everyone.

Been looking in here occasionally for a while. May even have registered at some point in the dim and distant past but no idea under what name or with what email address. Anyway, thought it was probably time to join in properly. :D

Based in Derby, UK. Currently riding a 2009 XT660Z Tenere which I use for, erm, everything - from commuting through touring in the UK and Europe to racing in the UK rallies. I've put about 26k miles on it in the 23 months I've had it. Currently fitting it out for a full season of rallying in the UK next year, but also starting to formulate a plan to get it out of Europe for a few months in 2013, probably to North America.

I've been to the last three HUMMs, and even managed to come home with a trophy from one of them. Sadly 2012 is looking unlikely if the 'TBC' dates become the actual dates as we have to be at a wedding in the UK on the 22nd September. Gutted doesn't even begin to cover it :(

Erm, that'll do for now, apart from the obligatory photo-whoring.




mattcbf600 19 Dec 2011 14:19

Hi there - nice to meet you :-)


zandesiro 20 Dec 2011 14:42

Welcome to the HUBB....:welcome:

Knight of the Holy Graal 22 Dec 2011 08:07

Welcome to the HUBB!

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