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sphyrnidus 20 Jun 2012 10:18

Hi from the Netherlands
Hi, i just found the Hubb while I was looking for transportation to Canada, from Rotterdam, Holland next year or so.
I did some travelling in Europe, I've been in most Western European countries and also I rode quite a bit in the USA and Canada in the past. An American friend loaned me his GS for two trips overthere.
Now we are planning for a bigger trip and want to bring our own bikes to Canada where I want to visit my family in B.C..
I ride a BMW r1200gsa, i'm totally at ease on this huge monster as I'm tall and not to slender :). The lady rides a r1200r. Two up is no option as she doesn't like to be out of control. She is too small for the GSA, I'm still working at it to get her to ride a GS, so we would be, more or less, on the same bike..
This year I've been to the uk and Italy so far and we will ride to the North Cape next month. I tried smaller bikes but didn't like them and gf had a f650 before but didn't like that anymore after she had been in an accident.
Aside from riding we have been diving in a lot of places like Thailand, India etc. Hence my nickname, derived from the sphyrnidae, the hammerhead shark.
We live near Rotterdam.

Gussie Moto 20 Jun 2012 11:31

Interesting hobbies you have sphyrnidus..........we certainly can't accuse you of leading a boring life !!!:taz:

Good luck with getting the boss on a gs.

Happy traveling,

prins 26 Jun 2012 03:00

hi there holland..
been dreaming about having a journey from here to netherland..
some of these days i dont know..
anyway..welcome to the HUBB.. bier

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