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twinehammark 5 Oct 2007 19:32

I've been watching this site for a while but never joined until now. I've been riding bikes since I was about 17, never had a car license until a few months ago, still don't own a car.
I've travelled through most of Europe starting with little trips to Greece and now including everywhere except the Netherlands. I rode this summer from Lithuania down to Greece through Kaliningrad, and all the other eastern bloc countries.
I currently ride only sportsbikes but I suspect I am going to have to change that...
I'm currently in Afghanistan until next April but on my return want to buy a bike in Japan and ride it back through China, Mongolia, Kazahkstan and Russia. I was hoping to get some advice on this site.
I won't be able to reply so often to messages at the moment, but I thought I'd introduce myself anyway.



Walkabout 5 Oct 2007 20:30

Hi Mark,
Well you have to be busy in AFG, so it is understood that you won't get a lot of time to take part in the HUBB: anyway, welcome :welcome:

Don't forget that Nick Sanders set his RTW record on a sports bike; a Yam R1.

For the advice: well keep reading into the forums/threads - shed loads of stuff about your countries of choice and that is likely to increase with the Olympics taking place in China in 08.
Read as much as you can take and use the search function for words that might interest you.

Good luck with AFG in the winter!

Sparky Stu 6 Oct 2007 18:28

Hi Mark & welcome to The HUBB. :welcome:

Martynbiker 6 Oct 2007 20:43

Welcome to the HUBB Mark..... We wont hold it against you that you have just taken your C*R Test!
Were a pretty mixed, or is that mixed up? bunch, riding everything from C90's to Harleys ( though we dont hold it against them either.....) Its OK im just jealous I cant afford one....
So now youve made yourself known...NO MORE LURKING!!!

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