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RTWbyBIKE.com 27 Jul 2011 12:19

Here we go, T-80 days!

Here comes our introduction: My wife and I are around 40, from Germany but we are living for a long time now in different countries - we lived and worked in Greece, Africa, and now for the last 6 years in Prague, Czech Republic. We are travelling 2up and so far we did some „shot“ bike trips, e.g. last year we made the full circle of Greece 4.700km. Our bike is a Africa Twin RD07 from 93, 80k km, somehow modified with what is needed for some good travelling (suspense, electric (rectifier),gasoline pump, seat, tires, AluCases, screen ...).

We thought a long time about a RTW trip on a bike but we never did the final step… And now we did it, we quit our jobs and off we go. We have only 80 days to plan and get our new life, stuff and bike organized because we want to leave Europe latest End of October. Of cause we have to work till the end of August full time. The bike needs to ship very soon, and there are still a lot of things to do... The rough plan till now (and that’s what we have actually), is going to New Zealand and from there we go to Bangkok up to North of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, to East Timor from there to Australia and around Australia (this order because of the rain seasons). After this part we will have to see if we drive back to Europe or ship the bike and fly...

Activities at the moment:
Getting all Vaccinations, insurances, Carnet, Visas, bank things, papers in general (biggest pain!)

Overhaul the bike (new tires, new brakes, spare parts etc...)

Moving all our stuff what we can’t sell to a friend’s place from Prague to Hamburg,

gathering all kind of info and maps about the places we want to visit (and HU is the place for this!!!, a big THANK YOU ALL!!!!!)

If you like you can visit our blog at www.RTWbyBIKE.com (not much there yet but will come, click on the picture to get to the blog).

We are grateful for all contacts, tips (specially to ride from from BKK to Dili and from there with a boat to AU), advices.

We will do couchsurfing, watchmyhouse, housesharing and will visit friends on the way as well...

Kerstin and Sascha

RTWbyBIKE.com 25 Aug 2011 16:26

time goes by and now it´s only about 40 days to go, the amazing thing is that the tasks are not getting less but instead we have more to do every day. The madness with all this paperwork is driving us crazy. :D But it will start VERRY soon to be much better...

THX for all the PM´s, tips, invitations we received. C U ON THE ROAD!

keep on driving!

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