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gramouk 31 Oct 2012 13:52

Hello to you all from France!
Hello fellow adventurers,

I'm 26yo young man from southern France. However I spent all my childhood in Malaysia, Singapore and Switzerland. Travelling and discovering new places and cultures is something I really cherish. I like psychedelic rock, cooking, skiing, music festivals and travelling of course.

I recently got my first 'real' bike (above 50cc) and am contemplating on doing long distance travels. Going to India is what I have in mind :mchappy:
I'm fond of vintage english bikes, my father owns a T140 Bonneville :) But I'm starting off with a Honda Transalp from 92, much more reliable for long trips!

I'm glad I found such resource place! Please forgive me if I post newb questions :p


jkrijt 31 Oct 2012 20:56

You live in a nice country to ride a motorbike :thumbup1:

Knight of the Holy Graal 1 Nov 2012 11:14

Hello and welcome from Italy!

I will say "hello" to India for you tomorrow, I'm heading there just today by aircraft and will rent a Royal Enfield to tour northern India and Nepal.

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