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StartAdventures 8 Dec 2012 03:06

Hello,now in KL
I guess this my first message :)

Here is Teo from Italy ...doing world trip by motorbike... kind of funny bike er5 already 1.8 years on the road ...37 countries in extreme budget ...almost 0% in hotel ...

no web site ..no time for it just many photos in FB under the group start adventures :-)


ps a question

where i should open a new post...about shipping the bike from Malaysia to Australia ...Im looking for suggestions or some biker who will ship around 01/2013 ...we can make it togheter and save some money ...cheers

zandesiro 8 Dec 2012 17:40

Welcome to the HUBB....

For your question i think the thread "Travellers Seeking Travellers" is closer to find someone to ship together!
Link ===> Travellers Seeking Travellers - The HUBB

Wish you the best for your trip!!

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