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PPCLI Jim 8 Nov 2012 05:39

Hello from Victoria BC
Older rider here , been riding since i was 6-ish. Ridden the gambit of bikes from Z-50s to open pro mod street bike Bultacos, Enfields, honda, YZ 125 A. last number of years was limited to street bikes (shadow 750 , CBF 1000) but now riding a DR 650 2011 :D. Picked it up brand new, and boy have i given it character. It has a new stock blue tank to replace the stock black one that I already beat up. Now my friend up the street has thrown his hat in and got a DR 200, his wife was not too happy about that :funmeterno: .Well he started by getting a Duke without telling her, now shes better with it but still not totally pleased with it. I am currently in the Royal Navy but am looking at retiring in a yr or 2. When thats done lifes fun begins, by then all the big mods will be done to the Bike. New oversized tank , new comfy seat, carb redone, all the engine parts broken in and reworked, stator redone for a larger power output along with new lights..
Well that will be the bike the rider will just approaching 50 "EEK!!!" but lloking forward to some long distance rides. Already looking at a partial TransCanada trail down to the states. across to Fla. area across the staes to Ca then Baja.
I may rework that as i have a DS bike not a street . maybe just all over the south with a RV and the bike . but thats in the future. all i know right now is there is snow in Edmonton Ab:freezing: and i have sunshine here .:cool4:

brclarke 8 Nov 2012 15:27

Welcome from a fellow Victorian. :thumbup1:

zandesiro 15 Nov 2012 19:00

Welcome to the HUBB...!:thumbup1:

PPCLI Jim 18 Nov 2012 08:49

thanks I just uploaded some pics of my rides

Keith1954 18 Nov 2012 10:29

Love the Island
Welcome Jimbo. We spent a few days in Victoria BC back in September 2007; wall-to-wall glorious sunshine at the time as I re-call.

We loved the whole area, so much so that we recently booked-up another flying visit for next June – over in Sooke, just a little west from you. If you’re around at the time .. then howzabout meeting-up for a beer or two?

By the way, 50 ain’t so old!

All the best

Keith [& Ellen]

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