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paulmart 7 Nov 2012 15:17

Hello from Vermont
Hey all,
I'm new to HU but not to touring. Did the trek to Prudhoe Bay n back a few years ago on a nice BMW GSA 1150 all planned out and before that a number of bicycle tours. This time the adventure is a bit different. Bought an 82 Honda GL500 a month ago and zipped down To Myrtle Beach adjusting my course and narrowly missing any of the storm. Just wanted to get the bike outta the North before the cold hit since I don't have the comfort of all that heated jazz this time.
Headed back to the bike in MB at the beginning of Dec. to mosey West and then South after visiting in Arizona. How far south depends on the bike. I just wanna see how far and how fun an unplanned trip on a recently bought $800 bike can be. Hopin for the best but willing to walk away if necessary.
No itinerary, no plans.
Ideas, suggestions, meet ups welcome.

Cheers, Paul

zandesiro 15 Nov 2012 19:02

Welcome to the HUBB...!:thumbup1:

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