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HB2XT 2 Nov 2012 06:22

Hello from SoCal!
Noobie here and just getting my feet wet on a 1993 XT600.
Have many ???'s but will save those for later.
Been off the dirt for 30yrs and ready to ride the local Socal Mt trails.
Gonna take it easy as these old bones don't heal as quick as they used to!

Just purchased a 1993 XT600 in VERY nice condition and it has never been on the trails. She is clean and I plan to ride her easy to get acclimated to the VERY different style of riding. I have been on the mean streets of SoCal for over 20yrs and this will be an eye opener for sure!

I currently ride a 2009 Hayabusa and put on an average of well over 15k a year. I commute and ride the twisties on weekends but it is all asphalt therapy and the dirt is something I don't fear but need practice in.
Any suggestions will be more than welcome and heeded!

Thanks for the ear.
Ride safe,

Danny Diego 3 Nov 2012 02:25

Please look into our local dual sport club, San Diego Adventure Riders. SDAR is made up of super cool guys and gals who like to do the stuff you mentioned. We have a lot of fun bier and the folks on the site are a goldmine of information.:welcome

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