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Papa Yolk 18 Sep 2012 19:08

Hello from Idaho
I'm a bit stove up, needing the edge of a bed at ride's end, a place to pull and stow my orthopedic clown boots. Being infected with a heavy dose of "Where's that road go?" often brings nightfall with no sign of a bed. My lovely wife, knowing my fondness of a good nap, would just click her tongue and smile when I began expressing need of a passport.

So I came up with a plan to meet my needs... and now after two years, with passport in hand, I have come here to help road map the end game, "The Trip".

I modeled then built a rough prototype of a light pull behind motorcycle trailer that will be in production next year via patent licensing agreement. I will be combing HU as I plan my route, gleaning information on local requirements and restrictions concerning motorcycle trailers in the Americas.

My rig has a 6'3" heated bunk and galley. Iv'e pulled my prototype about 6000 miles and now I'm working on the shower.





YouTube Vid that shows how it works.

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