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zedsdead 17 Aug 2012 17:32

Hello everyone.
hello everyone. I have recently found this site through the adventure bike rider magazine. What an amazing place! So full of information and inspiration.

I have had many bikes over the years and have been into europe a few times. My plan is to sort a more relevant bike out for next year and take a month off to start exploring properly. This place with its amazing contributions will I,m sure be able to help me plan and prepare.

I feel a lot of reading coming on!
Take care everyone. Regards Zedsdead.

TanMcG 14 Sep 2012 08:11

Hey Zedsdead!

I am also new to this forum and am going to be spending long hours soaking up the info and inspiration.

I live in Australia but hoping to head to the UK next year for some exploring of my own. Will be my first overseas adventure on motorbike :) Now to knuckle down and save so I can make it happen!

Best of luck with your travels.

Endurodude 16 Sep 2012 19:39

:welcome: If you like ABR magazine (which is excellent!) you'll love the HUBB!

Have a look at the new Donnington meet (HUBB UK 2013 Donington Park - 30th May to 2nd June) - come and meet like minded people.

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