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Knight of the Holy Graal 17 Jul 2009 14:47

Hello everybody from Italy
Hi to everybody!

My name is Nicola from Italy, a 36 years-old Harley rider that has been riding since 1996.

My first bike was a Honda Shadow 600, then I purchased a H-D Electra Glide and then, after crashing it :stormy:, I purchased another Electra Glide (a 1998 Ultra Classic 1340cc. which is my current ride).

From 1996, I've been attending biker rallies in Italy, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Croatia, France and Czech Republic, but in 2007 I discovered the pleasure to ride not only for partying at rallies up to dawn but to see the wonders of this world.

My greates rides, since then, have been:

2007: - Tour of the South-Western USA on a rented Harley (Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico)

2008: - Provence (France)
- Lake Balaton (Hungary)
- A trip to the middle east riding Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria and Jordan.

On July 31, 2009 I and my girlfriend will ride our bike up to St. Petersburg in Russia thru the Eastern Europe countries and will be back on August 20 riding down thru Finland, Sweden, Germany and Austria.

What else can I say? My dream for 2010 is to ride overland from Italy to Samarkand, and for this reason I've been reading this message board for many months in order to get as many infos as possible (and it was useful also for my bike trip to the Middle East of last year).
For this future dream-trip, I'm planning to buy a used Transalp or Super Téneré next winter to park in my garage beside my Harley and to be used to carry out trips in the deserts.

Other interests of mine include walks with my female German Shepherd dog, modern American Country music, Belgian / British beers and books about medieval history (this is the reason of my nickname).

Greetings to all the HUBBers!

Flyingdoctor 17 Jul 2009 14:57

:welcome: To the HUBB Nicola.

Good to have you on board.

Robertsmits 26 Jul 2009 08:56

Greetings from Amsterdam
Hello Nicola..

I believe we had some interaction on the HUBB recently, like you I'm quite new to the scene. Wish you a great trip and whenever you get close to sin-city (Amsterdam) drop us a line or better, look us up....we always have a cool supply of Belgian Palmbeer in the fridge!

Enjoy the ride!


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