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selani 2 Jul 2007 20:09

Greetings from Pakistan
Hi Guys !
Just joined the HUBB and took the opportunity to introduce myself. I am from Pakistan and live in the historic city of Multan. Working for an oil company, I myself am on the road most of the time( though not on bike.. unfortunately)

I started riding on a Honda CD 70 and later upgraded to CD125 ( both great bikes... as I have'nt ridden anything bigger) Now waiting to inflate pockets to buy something bigger.

Have travelled extensively throughout Pakistan( especially North/ northwest)

Will be glad to assist anyone coming this way.



Roi 2 Jul 2007 21:30


Just a hello to you, and welcome to the Hubb. :scooter:


jkrijt 2 Jul 2007 22:44

Hi Selani,

Welcome to the HUBB.
A Honda CD125 is a nice bike. I have only seen pictures of the CD125 but a (very) long time ago, when I was about 19 years old, I drove a Honda CB125S from Holland to Switserland. That was a great adventure.

Just one warning:
Reading the travel stories on this site does make you want to travel more and farther away. :-)
Don't say I didn't warn you !

samson 3 Jul 2007 19:10

hey Selani

i am gone visit your contry next year , maybe see you then
welcom to the HUB:welcome:

andyb43 3 Jul 2007 20:24

Hi Sela ni,

Welcome to the site, thans for the invite will take you up on it we have just collected our Visas from the Pakistan embassy in London and hope to be passing through about October ish.

Caminando 4 Jul 2007 10:48

Hi Selani


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