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Dragon 27 Apr 2008 09:57

Greetings from Madrid
Hello everybody. Male, 42, riding a Beemer and living in Madrid.

I love to travel in my bike but I don't have much time. You know, demanding work, two daughters that stay with me a lot of time (I'm divorced and their mother travels a lot due to -another- demanding job).

But all in all I manage to do some 10.000 miles a year, mostly in Spain. I'll be travelling the Pyrenees this summer -might join the HUMM but I'm not sure, looks too competitive for me- and I'll be around Ronda June-July.

My dream: to do the Panamerican Alaska-Usuhaia. If I could only find the time!! A few days ago I've been offered to do Emilio Scotto's Caravan, but couldn't say yes due to my job. AAArrrgggghhh!!!
May be another time.

I'll be seeing you all soon, I hope.

Best greetings from the center of Spain!

DLbiten 27 Apr 2008 21:52


Jobs suck for eating in to riding trips, hope you get some time off.

jkrijt 27 Apr 2008 22:09

Greetings from the Netherlands.
I'm 50 and riding a F650GS and an old GoldWIng.
I know the time problem. I have a demanding job and five children.
A lot of travel plans but not enough time...... frustrating.
I try to make one big trip every year. This year I want to go to Gibraltar and visit Andorra, Barcelona and Cartagena. From Gibraltar I'll ride to Portugal and then to Santiago de Compostela.
Maybe I do a short trip to Marocco but I'm not sure yet.

I welcome all good advise about riding in Spain :-)

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