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prins 19 Jun 2012 03:06

Greetings From Indonesia
Hello everyone.. i'm Robert
i'm new to this site forum..
i read it for a while and got me interested and then joined in..

i lived at java island, in a city called "Tangerang"
currently i have a Honda Tiger Revolution '07..
its a 200cc bike with only one cylinder..
sport-touring model, not that powerfull but it suits me hehe..

dreaming of having a journey from here (Indonesia)
thru northern asia.. to europe somewhere arround Netherlands maybe..
surely it would take a lot of preparation and HU is my start.. :)
so.. lets ride..

sharemyoyster 19 Jun 2012 05:17

Hi Robert
Good to hear from you. Keep reading and learning from this website and its associated blogs etc. and you'll soon be inspired to travel.

I am leaving Australia on August 1 to travel up through Indonesia and beyond, you never know we may bump into each other.

Good luck with your plans.

Regards, David Share My Oyster

prins 19 Jun 2012 06:13

Hey there David, nice to hear from you as well..
i can see you have already packed up yeaa..
good luck with your journey..
dont forget to call when you're nearby..

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