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chessing 29 Feb 2012 17:05

finally after 4 month travelling in SA
I got my registration here done bier
I just came back home to Germany after travelling 4 month from Calgary to Ushuaia and back to Santiago de Chile.

Want to continue the tip in Summer in Alaska.

My bike is now standing in Santiago, waiting for someone riding it back to Canada :scooter:, or any other transportation to the north.
So if you are interested in riding from south to north America, or if you know someone planning this, my bike will be a good option:

KLR650 with Canadian (Alberta) registration, Model 2010 in perfect condition and "only" 29.000 km on the counter. I bought the bike brandnew in October 2011, so its still in factory warranty.

optionally I can take the bike back in Canada...


BlackBeast 1 Mar 2012 00:45

:welcome: - better late than never. Sounds like you have a few more adventures planned.

zandesiro 24 Mar 2012 22:22

Welcome to the HUBB.....!

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