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juddadredd 13 Nov 2007 00:30

Bus killed my Car today!
Hi all,

For those that were at the Horizons Bash in Ripley this year may have remembered me bringing my little car along when it was raining (how funny that was considering I live 2 miles away), well today I get a call from Dad and he doesn't sound happy and I'm starting to think the worst you know Family Friends etc.

He then tells me to sit down he then says Nicole is dead, Nicole is my little 2000 Renault Clio Initial 16v 5 Door with FULL everything, Leather Interior Alloy Bonnet, Boot and Roof Composite Wings and HID projection lights (just like my bike), I could have cried. Did she die the death of a stolen and driven to the edge motor vehicle before ending up in a field upside down a REAL cars death, but NO a BIG RED DROKING TRENT BARTON BUS, drove into her while she was parked up and ripped off her rather attractive front end, and pushed her up a 6inch curb.

At least I’m fully insured but before I left I spent about £800 in getting her kitted out with new Coils Tires and Exhaust, just so that I actually had a reason to come back home at some point and not stay away forever. I will really miss the car as it fitted just as good as the Dakar does, Speedy, Handles Great through the Corners, it’s looks where understated until you tried to beat it off the line, and always started first time every time.

I’m feeling really gutted right now.

I will post a picture or two as soon as Dad sends then, I thought that all I had to worry about on the road was things that happened to me which to a degree are controllable, but I guess life is cruel in its many ways.

So a new rule goes into the book Insure everything that you leave at home that matters to you.

Martynbiker 13 Nov 2007 01:23

Sorry to hear about your car fella..... but at least some consolation.....you are insured. woulda been a bad 'un had you not been.

probably good job you were not there, its not good for a busload of passengers to see a grown man cry like a baby at the sight of his wrecked pride and joy...... or strangling the bus driver!:eek3:

onlyMark 13 Nov 2007 07:47

Which one
Which one was it?
The 90, the Red Arrow, Rainbow 1, the Nines or the 1A?
There's a lot of buses go through Ripley!

Bernard 13 Nov 2007 10:13

.you are insured. woulda been a bad 'un had you not been.

In my experience. being insured takes little of the pain out of it. In fact it almost causes as much pain as the loss does. Having to deal with insurers is like having to deal with the devil. Fault or no fault. Hard luck.

Stephano 13 Nov 2007 16:01


Originally Posted by juddadredd (Post 158921)
Nicole is dead, Nicole is my little 2000 Renault Clio Initial 16v

Bad luck, Lee.

But it could have been worse... at first, I thought you'd written "bus killed my cat" not "car".

John Ferris 13 Nov 2007 19:29

I don't understand when people talk about your insurance.
It's the bus company that should buy you a car or fix yours not your insurance.

Bernard 13 Nov 2007 20:04

"It's the bus company that should buy you a car"

That maybe but it's the bus company's insurers that he will deal with and they will want to give him as close to £0.00 as is possible.

Caminando 14 Nov 2007 17:34

Oh well. One less car on the road! And that was also your karma for naming your vehicle (how tacky) - I think it was right it got totalled.....sorry...ish.

juddadredd 14 Nov 2007 20:11

Caminando it's not one less car off the road it's one less CAREFULLY DRIVEN car off the road, there's a huge difference between the two and I'd have thought you might have known the difference matey.

I'm just waiting to see if they are writing her off, or if they are going to bodge her up. Oh and just for the Record my Bikes called Thumpy or Hope depending on how she's running, I have a strong personal bond with all of my Motorised kit makes me look after it better and treat it with respect, which I don't see many other people doing on the road.

My only fault is that I tend to let a good layer of dirt cover up all the nice shiney bits not bolts and bits that need to be clean just cosmetic stuff, but that's mostly to deter bad people from try to steal it.

Martynbiker 15 Nov 2007 12:21

Caminando you have no feeling for your fellow man.
I name all my vehicles, and some bikers also drive a car.
get a life Caminando, and no need for your hurtfull comments on here my friend.:nono: You have no feeling for your fellow man. Glad im not RTWing with YOU!

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