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Bossies 9 Sep 2006 22:47

"You have been hacked"...notice
Just a heads up.

At the beginning of the week while in the HU site a big colourful window came up saying "You have been hacked by ....". I shut the window immediately without reading further and thought nothing further of it and not relating it specifically to HU.

My partner just informed me that the exact same thing happened to her last week (on a different computer) while accessing the HU site.

jefff8 10 Sep 2006 00:59

Hi Bossies,

Grant would answer you, but he's off to Belgium and Portugal for the meetings. I'm doing a bit of tech backup for him while he's gone.

Yes, thanks for letting us know, Grant noticed too and the hosting company fixed it as soon as they knew. We've made a some changes to the software where we think the intrusion happened, and while I can't guarantee that it won't happen again, I think that we've fixed the security hole where it happened.

The notice about being hacked wasn't directed at you: it was aimed at the HU site. Luckily we didn't sustain any serious damage. Only embarrassment.

Being hacked is one of the problems of running a popular site - there are constantly probes to see if the site is hackable. This is one that got through the net.


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