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Chris D (Newcastle NSW) 16 Feb 2007 10:43

Time delay in pages appearing

The headings come up in usual time but down here in Oz once I have the coloured Overland-Solutions heading on the screen come up, it seems ages before the rest of the page loads, say between 1 and 2 minutes, not nearly as quickly as before the recent changes.

I do like the link to background on moderators etc.


jefff8 16 Feb 2007 14:00


Is this happening on all pages, or just HUBB pages? And is it still happening?

Some of the changes we made would have caused your browser to update lots of files (images mostly) that you have stored for the site. That means the first time it sees a page with one of these, the page load would be slower. Once it's stored a copy, the load times should get better because it uses the stored copy instead of downloading afresh.

If the speed problem persists, please let us know.


Chris D (Newcastle NSW) 16 Feb 2007 20:45

I have only noticed the delay in HUBB. Todaythe delay is much shorter, but consistently about 25-30 seconds still, after the Overland-Solutions comes up.


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