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CornishDeity 16 Oct 2007 20:01

New Forum - Money Saving Ideas
Hi Grant - don't know if another forum would just create more clutter for your housekeeping, but I thought that most of us here in the HUBB have saved or are saving money. Perhaps if we had an area for good money saving ideas, we could all get to our goals a bit quicker.

Just a thought

Grant Johnson 16 Oct 2007 20:57

It's an idea - lets see what the users think!


trevor daly 20 Oct 2007 02:07

Ahh yes,saving money.Any ideas on how to save money means more time
to be on the bike.I like that idea..:thumbup1:

Grant Johnson 28 Nov 2007 20:59

coming soon...

roamingyak.org 5 Dec 2007 15:15

Why not also expand it into a 'Work needed to do' and 'Services offered' type thing.

Somebody who needs their kitchen rebuilt could perhaps find a carpenter to do it - thus money goes from one traveller to another etc. Obviously no endorsement from HU as to the suitability of anyone replying to anything.

But a bit like ebay, people could build up a good reputation from feedback left.

So I could post offering Mac support for example, a carpenter could post offering his services, somebody wanting a load of scrub cleared of their land in Cornwall could post some pictures and ask for quotes etc etc

Just a thought anyway as it's hard to find somebody with a good reputation and a good work ethic etc

Grant Johnson 5 Dec 2007 16:32

Money Saving Ideas, making travel money
Done! see the forum Money Saving Ideas, making travel money:D (formerly "Making money to fund your travel") - seemed like a good combination, all the money makers in one place, so have at it guys! :)

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