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Grant Johnson 6 Mar 2008 17:30

New features recently added!
This thread is the start of a "new features" list so you know what's happening as we roll out new toys to play with. If you have a comment or problem please start a new thread in this forum, don't reply here.

Enjoy! Grant

Grant Johnson 6 Mar 2008 17:32

YouTube video and Equipment Reviews
You can now put YouTube videos in your posts.

Create a Review. Below your name on the left menu - If you have logged in - you'll see "Create Content" - click and you'll see the various content types you can create. We have started with Equipment Reviews, and more to come soonish. The cool part is that when you create a review, it automatically creates a new thread in the HUBB for comments.

Grant Johnson 16 Mar 2008 19:32

The Search on the site for all HUBB pages and Drupal (new style) pages has been upgraded. You can now use various operators to improve the search and cut way down on the number of extra pages returned. See the Search Tips link just below the Search box above right. :D


Grant Johnson 23 Mar 2008 15:40

New 4wd For Sale / Wanted Forum opened.
The 4wd forums are growing fast, so it's time to start expanding the forums, this is the first expansion that's obvious to me. Any other specifically 4wd forums needed, let me know!

Grant Johnson 15 Apr 2008 14:52

Horizons Unlimited and You - business / introduction card now available for download
Horizons Unlimited and You - business / introduction card

Print a business card with Horizons Unlimited info on one side and your name and details on the other, with room to scribble something as well.

Grant Johnson 8 Nov 2008 14:31

Ride Tales and Stories - new forum added!
Ride Tales and Stories - new forum added!


Enjoy! :)

Grant Johnson 5 Dec 2008 22:42

Search engine update
Finally - after a lot of effort and time by (mostly) Jeff and me and others, the new search engine for ALL of HU is running. It's in use now, and everywhere you go you should be using. The old FDSE is still lurking in a few spots, but will be gone tomorrow everywhere.

I think you'll like it - works much better than the old vBulletin search, as well as the old FDSE we used for non HUBB pages, and does it all in one place, so all results are integrated now. :D

Advanced search page is at http://www.HorizonsUnlimited.com/search


Grant Johnson 21 Mar 2009 17:40

Photo space bumped for Registered users
As on the Membership page, and in the HUBB FAQ, the space for photos for Registered Users is now 1 mb, up from 200kb. For more details on privileges for registered users, Contributing Members and Gold Members please see either of those pages.

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