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xfiltrate 8 Jun 2009 21:32

Music Video Idea
Grant and Susan, recently at the HU bar, I floated the idea of creating a music video, perhaps it could feature the HUBB regions of the world (an RTW with lyrics and music)

My idea is to encourage the writers and poets among us to submit ballads for consideration.

Once we have selected a representative ballad, we could write to famous motorcycle riding musicians and ask if they would compose and produce our ballad, for the purpose of world peace or something.... and it would open the world adventure motorcycling to hundreds of thousands.

Sort of an adventure Peace Ride. It might also help to finance HU, once we have the DVD for public sale via HU.


I wrote the lyrics for "Tango Wind,"

YouTube - Tango Wind

it was performed at the famous Cafe Tortoni in Buenos Aires as a tango show of the same name, and is now a music video....

I have the appropriate contacts in Buenos Airesfor the creation of a music video, perhaps we could use photographs submitted by hubbers...., I am friends with composers, musicians, producers etc and would be willing to volunteer my time.

What do you think?

What I need now is your help communicating the idea to others.


Grant Johnson 10 Jun 2009 19:12

Interesting idea!

We do have some good music now, by Austin Vince - but not nearly a DVD worth!

Also a ballad by Linda Bootherstone-Bick too now that I think of it.

What does everyone else think?


lunapix 10 Jun 2009 20:29

hi guys,

I'm on the road now for 8 weeks in the us, and will do the same in mexico.

i'm recording everything with a gosport fisheye camera.

when i get back to belgium we will put the video on musictracks, i'll try to put it in here asap, probably next summer. only get back to belgium in november, total travel is 6months, but i'm selling the bike when my girlfriend arrives in cancun the 31 of july, wanna keep her in one piece :thumbup1:


xfiltrate 13 Jun 2009 00:44

Thanks Lunapix
Lunapix, Looking forward to your music, organizing those of the HUBB is like herding cats. I'm going to start collecting photos and music now and put together a demo when I return to Buenos Aires, Meanwhile, I hope others contribute some photos and/or a ballad or two. I am sure we have some really talented people here, let us create a music video for the HUBB, and promote it worldwide.

Thanks xfiltrate

lunapix 13 Jun 2009 01:07

Hi xfiltrate,

I'll get back to you when i'm back home, i'll have some great footage then.

I'm an art director in advertising and did art school, so i think i could help you on the creative part!

I'll keep you posted!!!!


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